Warranties & Repairs

Warranties & Repairs

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Warranties & Repairs

What warranty comes with the goods purchased ?

All products sold by Orms are covered by a minimum of a one-year warranty, reckoned from the date of purchase, to protect you against manufacturing defects.

Certain products have exceptions to this one year warranty period, and they are:

   1. All Canon cameras including IXUS, PowerShot and EOS are covered by a full 2 year manufacturers warranty.

   2. All Canon video cameras including  Legria and X-series are covered by a full 2 year manufacturers warranty.

   3. All Nikon cameras including CoolPix and DSLR's are covered by a full 2 year manufacturers warranty. (Some of the Nikon DSLR's are supplied with a 5 year warranty)

   4. All Sigma lenses and flashes are covered by a full 3 year manufacturers warranty.

   5. All used gear sold by ORMS is supplied with a 6 month warranty.

   6. All Sony Cyber-Shots cameras, Alpha SLR's and Handycam camcorders are covered by a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

My product has gone faulty, now what ?

Please contact our service division straight away on 021 - 469 1962 and notify them of the fault. You may also e-mail them at repairs@orms.co.za

   1. Where a product is defective it is the responsibility of the customer to return the product at his or her own risk and expense to Orms.

   2. Orms will facilitate the repair, or replacement and then ship the product back to the customer, bearing all risks and costs.

   3. Please see our policies under Return Policy for further information

Orms is not obliged to repair products that fall outside of the manufacturers warranty period, or products that are damaged accidentally, however, Orms in seeking to deliver the highest standard of customer service will gladly assist the customer in having the product repaired via the network of repair agents with which Orms has business dealings.