We strive to deliver excellent service to everyone who shops at Orms. These are the words of our customers.


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Dear Tammy,

A huge thank you for the incredible talk and all the information you shared with us last night. We all now have a better understanding of the correct colour space and the possibilities of alternative substrates. You can expect some queries and experimenting along those lines.

Orms are fortunate to have people like you and Fritz working for them. Evenings like this can only grow the relationship between you guys and the photographic community.”

- Joseph Inns, via email (08 August 2014)

 “Dear Jenine

A heartfelt, warm and sincere thank you for being so amazing and for your fast, efficient service with Gavin's camera. I will come by maybe tomorrow afternoon if time permits for a brief chat. Thanks again for all your help and kind words.”

- Hajoo Cassim, via email (07 August 2014)

 “Hi Mike,

Just want to say thank you for giving me such a good deal.

The camera is amazing!

I have recommended Orms to some friends who are going to be purchasing through you as well.”

- Robert Bouwer, via email (19 July 2014)

 “Hi Gareth,

Thanks you for the feedback, and your assistance.

This was my first purchase at Orms, and I am impressed with the great service.

Look forward to my next.”

- Dion Zijlstra, via email (17 July 2014)

 “Hi. I just want to thank you for your excellent service. When we walked in, there were people that helped us immediately. Harriet helped us and my camera was sent in for a free sensor clean and when it came back it was EXTREMELEY well packed and protected. Thank you for your excellent service and please thank Harriet for being so helpful even though I just sent my camera in for a sensor clean. I will definitely be buying my future gear from Orms. Thanks!”

- Matthew Bishop, via email (08 July 2014)

Hi Shawn

My order was placed on Thursday and payment was made simultaneously through FNB. Orms received the funds on Friday and I received my lens on Saturday.

Your service is rated as an A+ for courtesy, response and efficiency.”

- Fred Roberts, via email (15 June 2014)

Hello Harriet.

We would like to thank you for your outstanding service—it is with profound thanks that we can report that the camera is functioning without any of the previous malfunctions.”

- Paul Bethke, via email (11 June 2014)

“Hi Stephen

Thanks so much!

Just the high level of customer service I have come to expect from you guys! I really appreciate it. So nice not have chase everything up a billion times.”

- Seth Zworenstine, via email (05 June 2014)

 Good afternoon,

I was in the market to buy a camera and did not know what I needed or wanted. A friend recommended Gerald Langton at Orms. Gerald helped and guided me all the way to a successful purchase with Orms. Gerald’s kindness, understanding, helpfulness and patience was fantastic. Well done to you Gerald Langton. You are a true asset to ORMS. I will always recommend doing business with you and will be doing business with you again in the near future. Thank you Gerald Langton. I am a satisfied customer and loving my Canon 700D with all the bells and whistles.”

- Ursula Carroll, via email (02 June 2014)

 “Hi there,

I would like to thank you guys for the great, efficient and informative service – especially from Gareth, who has been assisting me to a greater extent. Deciding on purchasing this camera was made so easy thanks to you guys! Your prices are very competitive and sometimes even better than second hand equipment. I am so impressed with all the aspects of Orms as an establishment.

See you later and thank you once again. Doing business with you has been an absolute pleasure!

- William Baldie, via email (28 May 2014)

“Hi Janine

Just received the two books and they are BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you SO SO much.. They feel amazing and the quality of the print and colors is so amazing. I love them! Brilliant thank you thank you!

I can’t wait to get them to my clients and will contact you soon for more!

Thank you so much!”

- Victoria Ashipala, via email (20 May 2014)

Dear John,

Thank you very much for the excellent service rendered to me by you and your team during my recent trip to Cape Town.
I got almost all I wanted even not everything. The amazing thing happened when I came to the Cape Town International Airport
for my VAT to be processed, guess who I found there? Your daughter, and she was indeed helpful. You guys are the best when it comes to customer service and you should just keep it like that. I really appreciate your help and I will remain a royal customer to ORMS.”

- Veikko Silas, via email (19 May 2014)

“Dear Shawn,

I believe that people always comment on how bad a company's service is, but I believe that excellent service should also be pointed out and commented on.

I would like to thank you for your excellent service and quick response to my emails. The experience ordering from your store was excellent!

Keep-up the good work!”

- Johann Pienaar, via email (08 May 2014)

“Dear Mike,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful service that I always get from the ORMS Team. I had a problem with my Photoshop CS6 Upgrade. In order to resolve the problem Gerald came over today and after some time, we finally solved the problem.  He has been very patient and helpful and I really appreciate the effort from him and everybody else.  Much appreciated!”

- Jeanette du Toit, via email (05 May 2014)

Hi Mike,

I have been a customer as Orms for about two years now and I have been very impressed with your store. Recently I broke a lens for my camera and I wish to take this opportunity to compliment your staff, in particular Harriet, for her friendly and professional manner in helping me. I am also in the service industry and I sincerely appreciate good service.”

- Charles Selkirk, via email (03 May 2014)

“Dear Shawn and Orms Direct,

Thank you so much for excellent service! It was a pleasure dealing with your company. I will be purchasing all my camera related goodies from you in future.”

- Alae Conradie, via email (30 April 2014)

Thank you Thank you Thank you Tammy!

It (Canvas Print) looks beautiful and thank you so much for doing the stretching for me, I really appreciate it.

I will definitely use you guys in future.

Have a lovely day further.”

- Priscilla Hancock, via email (11 April 2014)

Hi Gerald

Thank you very much.  Thanks for sorting it out so speedily.  Your amazing service is why we keep coming back to Orms.

I will post the faulty charger first thing next week.”

- Dawn Oosthuis, via email (11 April 2014)

“Good morning Mike.

My name is Shafiek Murphy and I'm a client of your company.
I'm really wanting to express my heartfelt thanks and commend 2 x workers of your company for the excellent service and professional help I get every time I come into your store.
Its people like Erica and Fahiema that make me come back to Orms day after day to do my business there.
So I'm thanking you from the bottom of my heart and wish your company the best in the future.”

- Shafiek Murphy, via email (10 April 2014)

“Hi there Annelien,

Just want to thank you again for arranging the Eric Nathan talk. Found it really informative and honest.

I truly appreciate Orms organising talks like this for the community - keep up the good work.”

- Brigid Prinsloo, via email (05 April 2014)

“Hi Andre,

Thank you for the super quick service, now I know why you have such an incredible reputation and why I am buying all the way from the mother city.”

- Rene Fraser, via email (02 April 2014)

"Such a relief to have all my old photographs digitised. Thanks @OrmsDirect for the painless, quick and reasonable service."

- Michael Dabrowski, on Twitter (27 March 2014)

"Hi Shalane,

Just wanted to say thank you SO very much for the quick turnaround on the new book you printed for me, it looked absolutely beautiful as always and the lady who ordered it got tears when she received it.

Thanks for all your hard work and help.

Have a great week and keep warm!"

- Kate Davies, via email (19 March 2014)

"Hi Mike,

I have taken a few clients now to Orms for various camera needs and have not received a single negative comment about the shop or the staff.

Clients from the USA that  I had asked that I must please just email and give thanks to Marc and I think Eddie for their assistance.

I will continue sending my clients for all their camera needs!"

- Roelf Hamman, via email (18 March 2014) 

"Hi Tammy

I can’t stop looking at the photos and am absolutely at a loss for words, I’m so happy!  Thank you for an editing job VERY well done and your professional approach in each and every thinkable way."

- Anneke, via email (17 March 2014)

For the first time, I placed an order with Orms earlier this month. I must say, I am so impressed with the promptness and expedience in which my order was dealt with. A big thumbs-up. I would most certainly encourage other to make use of the online ordering service.....Well done in times when so many fail on service.

- Thys Du Plessis, on Facebook (14 March 2014)

"Good Day Mike

I wanted to take a minute to drop you a line regarding the excellent service we received  from ORMS on our recent purchase.

It was the 1st time we engaged with ORMS and were suitably impressed with the level of service received form Saudiq.  Good Staff always makes a difference to a company’s ability to build long lasting credible relationships with clients and in this case Saudiq certainly fit the bill to.

I believe good service should always be acknowledged and with this in mind we wanted to go on record to thank Saudiq for the excellent service received."   

- Sharon Phillips, via email (11 March 2014)

"@Ormsdirect - Thank you for the breathtaking, gorgeous quality of Instagram prints you did for me in under 4 hours at less than R2 each :)"

- Gina Howse, on Twitter (10 March 2014)

"For years I've been coming to orms and the fantastic service provided by Donovan who I understand has retired from your store. This left me feeling a little uneasy as it meant that I would be dealing with a new face and having to build up years of repertoire with some new, whom you just met, which is never easy.

However, I was promptly addressed by Gerald and although not a grand purchase I required some camera parts which Gerald said he could order for me and keep aside. He did this well, keeping me updated on the status of my order. Now in today's customer service or should I rather say lack of it, you have a salesman who knows how to keep his clients happy and that is worth it's weight in gold.

I will be looking at buying a new camera kit at some stage since my existing camera body is becoming outdated and I will be coming back to orms for that and will be communicating with Gerald when this happens.

Please keep up the great service you are known for. Service is what sets one store apart from another, to have a friendly person behind the counter goes a long way in cementing this. Well done guys!"

- Shane Swartz, via email (10 March 2014)

"Dear Mike, 

I had some enlargements printed at Orms this week. Henry gave me fantastic assistance in getting the images to the right sizes, and I'm so impressed with the print quality. 

When I was paying for my order, I mentioned to the lady who was assisting me that your shop has such a great vibe - its a happening place, always full of people, and I feel excited when I go in there!"

- Danielle Court, via email (07 March 2014)

“Jacqui, those aluminium or steel prints were fantastic!  Thank you so much for all the effort.  I am really blown away with the results and will be definitely using it (metal) going forward.”

- Andrew Bowman, via email (04 March 2014)

"Dear Mike

I wish to acknowledge & commend Saudiq for the professional help he has provided me with during this last year since April, with regards to purchasing my Nikon pro photographic equipment, specifically the purchase of a Nikon 600mm f4 & 400mm f2.8 lens, which I ordered today. 

I work abroad, Iraq, to be exact, & Saudiq has never skipped an email or phone call when I have needed to get hold of him for advice, or to place an order. He is a pleasant person, conducts himself professionally, knows his equipment & I believe him to be an asset to your team.

People are quick to complain, & very short-changed to compliment or to give credit where credit is due; so it is in this vein that I wish to freely acknowledge & commend him. Thanks for a great store & for coming in on such a good price for me on the above lenses."

- Craig Fouche, via email (03 March 2014)

"Just a note to let you know about the absolutely amazing service received from Riette van der Walt of your Design Room and Marlon from your Scanning Department. Both brilliant gems and such an asset to your company. Marlon patiently and so wonderfully handled my 100 year old photographs and Riette super efficiently and effortlessly created the perfect photo book.

Great service and most appreciated!"

- Beila Rabinowitz, via email (27 February 2014)

"Hi Marc

As I only have your email please would you pass this compliment onto the store manager regarding Akhona. You have a gem of an employee in her. Not only is she articulate but personable as well, and she has the most charming manner when dealing with clients. Mention must be made of the fact that while struggling to download my job she patiently persisted while the store closed and everyone emptied out. A remarkable young woman (Akhona) as she was intent upon staying (in spite of it being well after hours) until I was satisfied and the job done. Indeed refreshing in today's world!"

- Charmaine Goott, via email (24 February 2014)

"Hi Marlon

Many, many thanks for printing and delivering the photos so quickly.  It is such a pleasure to deal with a company that is truly professional and with an individual who is both efficient and friendly.   Orms certainly sets the standard when it comes to service!"

- Anne Whittle, via email (19 February 2014)

"Within the quagmire of retailers in South Africa, it's rare to find a company that provides that human touch and is willing to go the extra mile. I would like to heartily congratulate Orms Direct on the absolutely excellent service I recently received from them.

I requested a special delivery from them, which they were very happy to cooperative with, and assisted me in making the delivery possible. The team were incredible helpful and delivery was very fast, efficient and I was kept up to date through the process.

I honestly cannot sing their praises enough, and would highly recommend them. I will be most definitely continuing my happy shopping experience with them."

- Izzykhulu, on hellopeter.com (17 February 2014)

"Dear Mike

I wanted to send you a letter of praise and thanks to Orms for the excellent service I experienced at the Cape Town store today. The friendly and welcoming attitude that I felt, and the helpful service that I received from staff, was incredible. The staff show patience and willingness to help, which I truly value as a consumer.

Moreover, the prices of Orms' digital prints are far superior to those of other shops, and to receive a discount on top of that is quite remarkable! I truly had a great experience today, and look forward to dealing with Orms again in the future!"

- Oren Katzeff, via email (11 February 2014)

"Hi Mike,

A quick note to tell you that Gerald Langton has successfully sorted out my problem. Many many thanks for your service.

 Again I must compliment you on your shop and website - both are most impressive."

- William Gunter, via email (04 February 2014)

"Hi Arno

Thank you so much for all your trouble earlier today.  Your patience is remarkable, and your product knowledge is something one does not find very often in ANY industry nowadays.  You clearly enjoy what you do, and to find the time to explain everything over and over to an amateur like me makes you one of the best sales persons I have come across in recent years.  You are an asset to your company!"

- Brent Robarts, via email (01 February 2014)

"Hi Shawn

I received the camera today, thanks.

Thank you for the excellent service and feedback regarding the availability and sourcing of the camera. Customer service like yours is hard to find these days - Keep up the good work!"

- Daniel de Klerk, via email (31 January 2014)

"I bought a DSLR from ORMS and something went wrong with the battery. I wrote an email stating my problem and Shawn was very helpful in exchanging the battery. The battery was couriered from Cape Town to Pretoria within 24hrs. Thank you for a great service as well as great prices on your gear!"

- Paul Ellis, on hellopeter.com (23 January 2014)

"Good morning Mike

I trust that you are well.

In December 2013, I came to your store to purchase a Nikon camera for my organisation, LifeLine/Childline Western Cape. I was very impressed by the quality and speed of Saudiq Davids’ service with regard to this purchase, so much so, that I returned to purchase a camera of my own.

It was a pleasure walking into your store and receiving such a high level of service. I will definitely recommend Saudiq and your store to others."

- Ricki Fransman, via email (22 January 2014)

"Dear Mike,

I phoned up your store in Cape Town wanting to buy a new camera, but not to sure what to spend my money on. Gerald Langton answered my call, and from there on it has been one of the best experiences I have had in years buying anything.

I did not know that in South Africa this kind of service was still to be found.

Being self employed I understand what it takes to reach high standards and maintain them Mike, and I feel you have done just that, and I think Gerald has done the Orms name and himself proud. He is worth his wait in gold.

Well done and thank you for the great service!"

- Shaun Gilbert, via email (15 January 2014)

"Hi Mr Shawn Gladwin

My sincere compliments on your excellent, super-fast service. I was very impressed at how securely it was packed and everything arrived in perfect condition. The price I paid was also better than I could get from any of the local big-name stores, even including the shipping cost.  I will recommend your company to anyone and certainly do business with you again."

- Neville Murrell, via email (05 December 2013)

"Dear Mr Ormrod

In a world where people are quick to criticize and complain, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the exceptional service we have experienced at Orms.  Cara and the team have truly been superb.  The past few months Orms has managed various projects of ours. 

 Recently some of our precious photos were scanned and some of our pics were damaged (well so we thought).  Cara noticed that we were upset and ran out to our car to ask what the problem was.  The very next morning our new scanned repaired photos were on our desk!

What service!

 - Toni Shina, via email (28 November 2013)

Hi Gavin,

I would just like to thank you for your OUTSTANDING service!! Really!! Its has been a very long time since I have received such brilliant service, and I just told as much to your manager Japie. So, a very big thank you for all your effort and hard work. We truly appreciate it and will look forward to dealing with you and ORMS in future.

- Lizaan Loedolff, via email (26 November 2013)

"Stephen, thank you so so much!!! I LOVE my new Sigma flash! Its amazing! Will never support any other company...ORMS all the way!! Great service and products! I'm always so happy with each and every purchase. Have a great day further"

- Marieta, via email (21 November 2013)

"Dear Mike,

Just want to give my thanks & compliments to Gerald for the best service, advice & help at the Nikon stand this weekend. He stood out above the rest & we came back the next day to buy my first SLR camera from him after many months of deliberation! He organised me a package deal & couriered it through this week as promised. 


- Mia Jurgens, via email (07 November 2013)

"Hi Jenine, 

I've been enjoying my D7000 so much. I just want to say thank you again for all the excellent service I received from you when dealing with my P7100 (in for repairs). I'm still going to bring you a small thank-you gift sometime (better late than never). But for now, I'd just like to say thank you again. I'm so glad I have this great camera to take photos of my little girl.

- Ed Elson, via email (24 October 2013)

"Hi Shawn. I'd like to let you guys know what a pleasure it is to do business with you! I've ordered items from Orms a number of times now, and each time it's been an absolute joy to deal with you. Your service is second to none! If only everything in life worked as well as your service the world would be a nicer place. I would recommend Orms without hesitation to anyone looking for good deals and great service. Thanks!"

- Hugo Lambrechts, via email (21 October 2013)

"Hi Mr Ormrod,

I popped into you shop the other day to ask for rather a difficult job (I thought so) to be carried out by your firm. 

The person who helped me was a young lady by the name of  Cara who dealt with my problems on a helpful a professional basis and was really  a pleasure to deal with  ,,,,, nothing was too much trouble for her and my qualms regarding what I wanted just vanished in thin air.

You are very fortunate to have such a person of this calibre on your front desk, I originally thought that she was a family member as she showed so much care,,,not only to me but for the company she represented... and if RAM was not a service provider to your firm I would have offered her a position  without  any reservation,whatsoever!!

I believe in positive feedback is always a good thing as we live in difficult times and are constantly surrounded by poor service…your company exceeded my expectations and I wanted you to know that."

- Nathan Lazarus, (17 October 2013)  

"Dear Heinrich,

Just a short note to say thank you  for the efficient manner in which you always deal with my requirements.

In the latest case, which required printing of school photographs for 3 big schools, nothing was too much trouble, and my job was made so much easier.

You are a pleasure to deal with.

Regards and Thanks"

- Adele Goldberg, via email (17 October 2013)

"Dear Mike

During the month of September I purchased a Canon 600D at Orms.  The shop has grown on me and I find myself visiting Orms most Saturdays to learn more about the photographic world.

My knowledge of camera’s is not much and when I made the purchase Saadique somehow matched me with the right camera that was ideal for my purposes.  On my first visit to your shop he explained and demonstrated the camera to me and that was the winner.  I still did not buy the camera and visited Makro, Game and Fuji for another opinion.  Saadique is a short man but he stood head and shoulders above all the other consultants at the other stores.

A few weeks later our family returned to Orms to browse and purchase some goodies.  The staff were so friendly and helpful and assisted my wife and daughter in developing photos and making albums.  There was a lady assisting them by the name of Akhona and they also had superb coffee.  There was also another lady behind the counter by the name of Fahiema who is absolutely magic.  She explained how the picture developing works and was very helpful in assisting us.

Please give a special thanks to the team for making my introduction into photography a special experience."

- Timothy, via email (12 October 2013)

"Hi Gerald

What a pleasure when something works BETTER than expected.
I received my camera this morning.
I just want to thank you for providing me with outstanding service.
I appreciate your advice on choosing the right camera
AND also the speed and effortlessness of getting the camera delivered in Jozie !!  amazing
Thank you so much"

- Renee, via email (11 October 2013)

"Good Morning,

I would just like to throw in my 2 cents...

Well done with your customer care! Thanks to Gareth for helping me find what I needed quick and easy, and then phoning to find out if I got and understood the email he sent!

I would definitely recommend you to anyone who asks.

Have a lovely week"

- Teana, via email (08 October 2013)

"Hello Mike,

I've been dealing with Marc in the printing department and would like to let you know how extremely helpful and good he has been at helping me put a little project together.........endless patience and very clever !!

Best wishes"

- Annie, via email (08 October 2013)

"Dear Shawn

I want to thank you for your very efficient and helpful service. This is one of the main reasons why I keep coming back to Orms when I need to purchase photographic equipment - the quality of the service is exemplary.

Thanks once again."

- Matthew, via email (07 October 2013)

"Hi Mike,

I hope you had a good week.

Just wanted to say that I'm very pleased with the efficiency of the printing - I sent a couple of files to Marc yesterday via wetransfer to print as jumbos and a few minutes later they were ready for collection. Amazing.

Keep well"

- Antonia, via email (04 October 2013)

"Hello Shawn,

Goods received. Thank you for the excellent and totally stunning service!

What a remarkable and pleasant experience to shop with you people. 

Keep up the good work."

- Marcel van Zijl, via email (13 September 2013)

"On holiday my parent's camera fell and broke. I contacted ORMS Direct to try and get a replacement. Shawn responded very fast to a stock check and although the particular camera was not in stock, he made an alternative recommendation along with the stock confirmation (most other places just respond with a 'out of stock' message). 

Also due to the nature of the holiday travels there was a very specific requirement that the order be delivered on a specific day at the destination of the holiday on that day. This was arranged with Shawn and without fail the product was delivered at the correct place on the required day. 

I have dealt with ORMS on numerous occasions and every time the service I receive is excellent. Shawn always goes the extra mile.

Thank you very much Shawn and everyone at ORMS."

-Anonymus User, hellopeter.com (10 September 2013)

"In less than 24hrs of my order being finalized, my parcel arrived in PE. On Thursday morning, I peeped out the window every 2 minutes to see when the delivery truck was going to come. . Even before the RAM truck stopped dead, I was already out in the street, waiting for him to open the doors, dancing inside my head. I signed quickly, ran into the house, slammed the door, and ripped the packaging open like it was a hot potato game. I love my new flash and transmitters! Thank you ORMS for the amazing service and step-by-step support and confirmation about my parcel's where-about. I am already filling up my Wishlist!"

- Nina Classen, via ormsdirect.co.za (06 September 2013)

"I really want to compliment Andre for really going the extra mile in assisting me with the purchasing process of my camera. Because they (Orms) are located in Cape Town and myself in Gauteng, there was a lot of extra logistics that had to be taken care of which was done so by Andre perfectly.

And even thought I bothered him constantly over email about questions, he always replied promptly and helpfully.

Thanks guys. It is not often you get service like this in South Africa, so I am truly impressed."

- DrMarius, hellopeter.com (04 September 2013)

"I would like to thank ORMS and particularly Gerald Langton for your excellent advice and service. I'm not going to get into the details but just wanted to make the effort to say thanks. Service such as yours is hard to find these days. Im sure it's the reason ORMS is always highly regarded and recommended throughout the country...Much appreciated"

- Ryan Adams, via email (29 August 2013)

"What can I say more than thank you so much, so awesome to deal with a business like Orms and people like Eddie Smith. Got my order yesterday, a day before I needed it, I'm very very impressed. Thanks and much appreciated!"

- Dean Venish, via blackberry (23 August 2013)

"I would just like to thanks orms and their staff for being so incredibly accommodating. 

I recently got married and decided after the wedding to do some A3 blow up prints. However, as I am from overseas I did not have much time to get the prints done, and was told it takes up to 5 days to print on a canvas. So I hurriedly sent off an email to Ellie, so they could get printing. 

Long story short, the canvasses were collected this morning only to discover to my shock that I had accidentally sent in the wrong picture. I immediately phoned Ellie, exasperatedly explained to her my mistake, expressed my devastation and asked if there was anything she could do. Ellie calmed me down, told me not to worry and that she would call be back within half an hour after she spoke to her manager. After five minutes, she had called me back, told me they would redo the prints at a huge discounted rate, and they would make sure to fast track it enough that it would be ready for collection tomorrow.

I cannot express how grateful I am and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in needing printing of any sorts. Their customer service is impeccable, and I will most definitely use them again."

- Lisa Stodel, hellopeter.com (22 August 2013)

"Hi Mike

I must compliment you on the service that I have received at your Roeland Street branch. Saudiq whom I have dealt with on a few occasions is a pleasure to deal with, a  complete professional, extremely knowledgeable and focused on exceeding the clients expectations.

 A very big well done to you, your organisation and its staff. "

 - Dr Ivan Lockyer, via email (29 July 2013)

 "Hi Dorette, 

I pulled the wrapping off like an excited child on Christmas morning. I was absolutely blown away. I couldn't really pick up from the proofs exactly what you had in mind, but the final product is astounding. I loved the green tones of the lichen growing on the tree that the Leopard mother and cub are in. The large colour Kite and mouse is also amazing. All of them really. 

You have made a marked influence in the way that I will approach composiiton going forward. The downside is that my old stuff now looks decidedly boring! At least it's a growth phase, never too old to learn. 

Needless to say I will take all the credit :) ".

- Des, via email, (16 July 2013)

"Dear Marlon

I would like to commend you on your professional and timely service on all the photo's scanned.
I am satisfied way above expectation, and the quality of the digital pics are top class. I did read that you do edit and enhance the photo's, but thought this will only be to a very low level, but to my surprise the photo's came out great.
I will recommend you to all the people I know living in Cape Town.
All of the best"
- Hendry Brand, via email (15 July 2013)

"Hi Gerald

Thank you very much for the excellent service.

I received the camera on time and very well packed, now I just need to learn how to use all the features that it has.

Will recommend your website and yourself personally to anyone who’s interested in cameras.

Once again thank you for all your effort."

- Kosyo, via email (04 July 2013)

"Hey Gerald

Just got the camera delivered.

A class act for sure. Thank you so much for your impecible service!"

- Marijke, via email (27 June 2013) 

"Dear Gareth,

Thank you very much for the prompt service you have provided. I am really impressed with the ease of doing business with you. I received my tripod and AC adapter this morning. Once again thank you very much!"

- Peter Ladner, via email (20 June 2013)

"Good morning Gerald,

 My husband and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your wonderful service.  We received our camera last week already and had an opportunity to get the battery charged and take some photo’s over the weekend.  We love our new camera.  Thank you for your friendliness and making sure the camera got to us as quickly as possible.

We hope you have a lovely day.

Many thanks and kind regards"

- Toni Bonnin, via email (18 June 2013)

"Orms North provides excellent service. They have the best prices around. They give good and extensive photography and product advice and they do photo printing in 5 mins, also at a good price.

I bought a faulty camera at Orms and they went the extra mile in testing my equipment and communicating with the manufacturer to get the problem fixed. 

The commitment they show towards customer care is extremely impressive."

- M Maritz, www.hellopeter.com (13 June 2013)

"Dear Mr Mike, 

I would like to extend my words of gratitude towards your staff members in the SALES department. 

A warm welcome by means of a smile always meets me at the doorstep which gives great pleasure to shop at your warehouse. Since I've started to do business at Orms, it wasn't only pay and go, your staff always recommends a new product, advice where possible and best of all - they are ALWAYS willing to help. 

Since I came to know some of your members, coming to Orms is like a second home. We tease, we chat, we laugh while doing business which creates a rather pleasant 'family atmosphere'. 

The lady that serves the coffee does her job with so much dignity and humility and sometimes we (as customers) neglect to thank her for her effort to serve. 

You, Mr Mike, do not own a business but a GOLDFIELD with all your staff. To your SALES staff (Fahiema, Erica, Pauline, Heather, Lavonne, Henry, Felicity) you are excellent in what you do and it gives great joy to call again."

- Jerome Swarts (June 12 2013)

"Now this is what I call outstanding service! Smart, clever and bloody efficient.

Thanks Aimee"

Petra, via email (11 June 2013)

"Hi Cath,

Now that I have returned to the farm, a quick email to say thank you to your team for all the hard work, and the solutions to my last minute dramas.  The work that Orms has done for me has been exquisite, and the guidance and help from you in particular, has been exceptional. Deeply...deeply impressed. 

The opening went extremely well. 6 pieces sold on the night...including 'Fock & Bliksem'. You can only imagine my joy, and I know beyond any doubt, this snippet of info is bound to make you chuckle.  The expo hangs till the end of June, when I shall be in touch about the reworking of 'Dancers' and 'Swatches'. 

Once again, my HUGE thanks for your help and support.

Very best wishes"

-Dawn, via email (07 June 2013)

"Hi Andre, 

I just picked up the pictures from my friend. They are awesome, everyone loves the metal ones. I think I'll be doing a lot more metallic prints.


- Abhi Indrarajan, via email (06 June 2013)

"Dear Juanne,

Just a very short note with a big thank you for your friendly and efficient assistance re my GoPro needs/wants.

It was a great experience to do business with you - seldom that one finds such expertise and a 'no-problem' approach. I appreciate it tremedously. 

Thank you once again."

- Jo Schutten, via email (29 May 2013)

"Goeie dag Andre, 

Baie dankie vir die stuur van die kamera en jully goeie diens, as ek in die toekoms 'n lens of iets nodig het sal ek definitief van ORMS se diens gebruik maak."

- Johan Wentzel, via email (29 May 2013)

"Just a message of appreciation for the unbelievable service one gets from Orms North. Japie, Fritz, Lundi and the guys go out of their way to resolve issues even quite a while after the sale is completed (when it really is the manufacturer that needs to step up). They are never too busy to assist with advice and really go beyond the extra mile. Whenever I speak to someone about photographic equipment I only recommend Orms because I have never received service from anywher like I have from them. Thank you guys. And also the girls on the printing side, always friendly and helpful. Words can't describe."

- Alwyn Smit, via email (28 May 2013)

"Hi Andre,

I just thought I have to let you know how happy my clients are with their wooden block prints. They love it! Thanks so muchfor all your effort and thanks for great quality pictures! It's really nice to hear all the compliments! And YOU are a big part of it!

Thanks to you guys too, Pam and Cara! Hope we can walk a long way together!"

-Roche du Toit, via email (28 May 2013)

"I ordered recording equipment for our organisation from ORMS last week through their online store. Shawn Gladwin (at their orders department) responded to the query quickly and communicated every step in the process of procurement clearly and timeously. We received the equipment the working day after they received confirmation of payment. The whole process was painless, their attitude was great and the product arrived in perfect condition. Keep up the good work."

- Marno Kirstein, www.hellopeter.com (27 May 2013)

"OrmsDirect is one of those rare companies whose staff provide excellent service consistently. Such a pleasure dealing with them"

Sandy Goldberg, on twitter (24 May 2013)

"Just a note to say thank you for the great service from Eddie on Saturday at the shop. My insurer insisted that I buy the camera body (D7100) from one of your competitors (skulduggery going on there?!) but the competitor had no filters, no strap, no SD cards, no Gorillapod - it was like a comedy ("Admit it, you don't actually have any cheese do you?" "No sir."). You guys had everything - with friendly and expert advice to boot. You just ensured my continued support into the future. Thanks!"

- Rob Mousley, via email

"Hi Andrew, 

This is just a short note to thank you for responding to my query re the transferability of your Used Gear Warranty. 

I received your voicemail message on Monday afternoon (I was in a business meeting at the time of your phone call) but became so busy on Tuesday that I did not get a chance to return your call. It was a surprise to me to receive the call from Mike on Tuesday evening, and I appreciate the clarification that he provided. I missed you by telephone over the last couple of days, and took this opportunity to communicate with you by email. 

So, just a simple thank-you from me for not dismissing my query and carrying it through to full resolution - despite my inaction. 

By your and Mike's response you've demonstrated a committment to customer service that I did not believe was part of the Orms repertoire. You both have certainly changed my perception of your organization and you have gained a loyal customer as a result.

Please forward on to Mike if you would be so kind as I don't have his email address.

- Elroy Heynes, via email (23 May 2013)

"Dear Mike, 

I am writing with praise for your staff in general, and Marilie Loubser in particular. I always enjoy the friendly and educated service, the vibe, the quality of the product and of course, the free coffee. Working with Marilie was a special pleasure. She helped me produce a book of scanned drawings with patience, an eye for detail and an investment in the outcome that was really enjoyable. 

And by the way, congratulations on your spectacular premises across the road. The in-house design is a great calling card in that it expresses the aesthetic discernment of Orms which, paired with the technical know-how, keeps you in a league of your own.

- Diana Vives, via email (22 May 2013)

"Ordered an item online over the weekend. Very happy with the item as well as the pricing from the company. Will order again"

-Andre Nortje, www.hellopeter.com (17 May 2013)

"Dear Shawn,  

I only got to know about Orms last week and made my order the following day. Have been skeptical about internet shopping my whole life, but you left me breathless. Great service from you guys, prices very competitive, extra-quick delivery and a personal touch.  

The best service I have received. Keep up the good work guys, you rock!!!"

Gilson Muchopa, via email

"Good day Shawn.

Thank you just received the unit and all is in good order. Thank you so much.

Till next time.



PS. 1. My first impression. Hell but this unit was packaged perfectly by a perfectionist fanatic. Beautifully done. Awesome!

PS. 2. My second impression. That black envelope. Like a presentation of excellence. Just seeing the way everything has been done, the way I could keep track, created a sense of comfort in me. No worries. My first impression of ORMS PROFESSIONAL PHOTO WAREHOUSE, is a company of Excellence. Thank you!"

-Hugo, via email

"Hi Shawn, 

I received the shipment on Friday. The entire process from start to end, was a pleasure, communication was excellent and no issues. 

Look forward to doing further business with you in the future."

-Craig, via email

"We sit out in the country and have recently dealt with Orms Direct via the Web for a number of items. Besides prices being highly competitive, the service was impeccable. Thank-you Shawn and your team."

Patrick D Seeton, on the Orms Facebook Group.

"Fantastic friendly service yesterday-most grateful that you got my camera back on track so quickly."

Romilly De Buck, on the Orms Facebook Group.

"Hi - I visited Orms for the first time last week. Wow! The service was amazing, the advice invaluable. Definitely recommended for anyone interested in anything to do with equipment for the eye. I even got sound recommendations on binoculars. Excellent work. No wonder Orms and photographic equipment are synonymous in South Africa."

Reine Marais, on the Orms Facebook Group.

"You need anything photographic/camera/video related? ORMS is the one and only choice!!"

Filo Lisa Di Leo, on the Orms Facebook Group.

"I just received my order in Johannesburg placed on Sunday night. Exceptional service that exceeded all expectations. I also placed an order for the same product from Pretoria and still waiting. Cape Town = 1 up! Will definitely shop at ORMS again. Thanks alot!"

-Etienne, vie email

"Just got my order of some Kodak portra film! Can't wait to start shooting... Amazing service, quick delivery and great prices!"

Shaylin Pilay, on the Orms Facebook Group.

"I ordered photos from Orms online. They were delievered fast and efficiently at a very reasonable cost. It's the first time I have bought from this company and I am suitably impressed."

-Heather, on hellopeter.com (26 April 2013)

"Stephen at Orm's Cape Town is a lycra clad, Teflon Coated, Service Superhero, friendly, knowledgeable, informative, if not for him, any other place would do."

-Coenrad J Morgan, on the Orms Facebook Group.

"Consistently great service and patience, and the team always take the time to understand what you need - no hard sell - they often encourage you to be more sure before you buy. Best pricing too."

Cathy Jenkins, on the Orms Facebook Group.

"We bought a Canon camera less than a year ago from ORMS still under warranty but when we sent it in for repairs after the camera repeatedly did not switch on and did not focus we were told by Canon that they found sand in the camera and will charge us R3600 for repairs. We bought the camera for that price less than a year ago.

After sending a mail to Jenine Charles and voicing our unhappiness she fought for weeks with Canon until she were able to get our camera fixed under warranty.

I can HIGHLY recommend ORMS they are amazing, they made a customer for life! Thanks Jenine for your EXCELLENT service!"

A Velder, www.hellopeter.com (12 March 2013)

"Have bought a few items over the years via internet! (Camera Gear) But ever since switching to Orms, I've been so impressed! Quick, hassle free and always the cheapest! I stil compare with the other sites I used and every time I find the better price at Orms! Thanks for the great service you guys! Keep it up! Still gonna spend loads more over the years to come!"

Henrich Smith Fotografie, on the Orms Facebook Group.

"I placed a single order for photographic equipment worth almost R30,000 last year - Prices were the best and the goods were delivered in Jhb on time and in good condition. 

When I realised almost a year later that a small cable was supplied incorrectly it was exchanged promptly and without hassle - thank you!

My experience with other, smaller orders were equally favourable - delivered in good time and in good condition.

Orms is a favourite supplier - I confidently recommend them!"

-Brahm, on hellopeter.com (26 February 2013)

"I know everyone says how great Orms is, but I would like to compliment you Orms and its Staff. 

I was at Orms Central today and got great service from the sales person who assisted me. I am really impressed with the way Orms handled my lens problem. 

Also just in general you guys are really the most awesome Service Provider on my book, Japie, Liezel, Olivia all those people from Orms North always give me premium service and always willing to help me with anything I need, even go that extra mile to assist one. 

Both me and Jaun are really happy to associate ourselves with a awesome brand like you guys.

Just wanted to thank all your staff on behalf of my company as we grown so much and would like to thank Orms for all their help and great service even when we started out."

Günther Schubert | Photographer

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