About Us

Who is Mike Ormrod?

Mike Ormrod

Orms owner Mike Ormrod started taking photographs in high school. A shrewd businessman from a young age, Mike earned extra pocket money by shooting at functions for family and friends in Grade 11 and 12. Mike's brother Chris was a professional photographer, and Mike joined him when he finished high school. Mike handled his brother's lab as well as acting as a photographer's assistant when required.

In 1996, Mike started Orms. His motivation was to offer professional photographers and keen amateurs photographic goods at a reasonable price, and ensure that he was always able to have the products in stock.

When asked about his vision for Orms, Mike said: "I want to keep up with current technology and the latest trends. My aim is to stay ahead in the digital world. I also strive to get Orms more involved in the education of future professionals and keen amateurs."

What differentiates Orms from our competition in the South African photographic market is our experienced staff and our extensive range of products at the lowest prices. Our knowledgeable staff are committed to keeping up with the latest international trends. Orms has the widest range of photographic goods in the country. Mike Ormrod’s goal is to create a full service store for the South African photographic market.


From its beginnings as a photography gear and printing shop, Cape Town photography giant Orms has become an extensive creative franchise. The Orms vision has always been to provide professional and amateur photographers alike with the best and latest gear at reasonable prices, and to stock the largest range of products. Orms also strives to keep South African photographers at the forefront of technological advances, and continues to live up to its own high standards.

Professional Service

Since 1996, Orms Pro Photo Warehouse has been supplying photographers with all their photographic gear needs. Orms supplies its customers with all the top brands such as Nikon, Canon, Sony and Samsung, and stocks all photographic equipment from cameras, to lenses, filters, bags, lighting kits and tripods. The expert Orms sales team provides advice for any photographic queries, and will be able to assist knowledgeable professionals in buying the best equipment or dealing with technical problems, as well as helping enthusiasts decide on their first purchase. With Orms Pro Broadcast, we offer expert advice and professional equipment tailored to the cinematography and video production industry.

Photographic Community

As the established photography hub of Cape Town Orms actively supports local photographers and constantly tries to create a connected community experience. The Orms Connect blog allows us to educate our customers about photography and keep them up to date with new Orms gear arrivals, exciting giveaways and inspiring photography, as well as showcasing local talent through the Photo of the Month competition. The Orms team also organises free workshops and speakers, and our standalone photography school, The Cape Town School of Photography, trains photographers of all levels through its part-time and full-time courses.

Evolution and Growth

Today Orms has become more than the go-to photography shop for South Africans. It has evolved beyond just selling the best photographic gear and currently offers everything from professional printing and framing, to décor solutions and photobooks. The retail and service offerings now cater to photographers, artists, graphic and interior designers to decorators; to photography enthusiasts, mobile photographers, keen parents and avid photobook makers.

Orms Print Room & Framing

As the first transformation in the Orms evolution, and merges Framed by Orms, Pro Photo Lab and Digiprint. The new creative printing hub will be the complete solution for all possible printing needs, from minilab prints, professional fine art printing, exhibition services, décor and business print solutions as well as personalized photo gifts. One office now caters to all specialised printing and framing needs, which allows for an efficient workflow from the specific vision of the customer to the printed, framed and shipped end product. The updated Orms Create & Print software makes all these printing offerings easy and available online to our nationwide customer base. The Bellville Orms store has also made the Orms experience available to the Northern Suburbs customer. Additionally, the Orms Direct online site enables customers from anywhere in South Africa to browse the Orms photographic gear online, securely buy equipment and have it couriered safely to a South African address.

Orms Photo Art

Another exciting new Orms endeavour is the Orms Photo Art website. This offers a platform for all photographers, ranging from amateurs to professionals, to showcase and sell their work as printed and framed artworks with no added fees or commission. It is also an ideal platform for collectors and decorators to buy professionally curated photographic art, which they can browse through online, choose and customise how the image is printed and framed, and have couriered to any address.