Leica i9 Concept

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Black Design Associates has unveiled a new Leica concept camera called the i9. The concept combines a compact digital (in a rangefinder form-factor) with an iPhone 4, aiming to offer the best features of both devices in one package.

“The Leica i9 Concept is a dream project that addresses a desire to combine two great products, while considering both the consumer’s and company’s needs. It’s common practice to combine a smart phone with a digital camera, but how do you combine a great smart phone with a great digital camera…?” The answer, for now, seems to be the i9.

While it may never enter production, we feel that the concept has some merit – modular upgradability is a huge step forward for digital cameras. Below are a few more images of the great design. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: BlackDA
Via: Engadget

Author: Francois W. Nel
  • Jorge Rubia

    love it… I will pre-order 2 – one as a back up… having a M9 since before the launch (Beta Tester) , which I dearly love and carry everywhere every day I know I would never ever loose this “phone” as I have done with 3 iPhones already…

    Jorge Rubia

  • Disole

    no more conceptualising…LAUNCH! LAUNCH!

  • Matt Visser

    This is what I’m talking about!

  • want – would be cool if you could adjust all the settings on the leica manually, and the changes get “bluetoothed” to the phone in real time, showing the focus, aperture, etc live on screen!!