Pro Advice: Automotive Shoot

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Yesterday, Desmond Louw did a shoot for the recently launched VW Golf R. The shots came out great, and he was kind enough to share his process and light setups with the community.

Shot 1:

The car was coming around the bend at 110km/h, I was laying on the ground about 25 meters away. The Pocket Wizards (set on TTL) allowed me to use a very high shutter speed of 1/640s to fill the car with the two speed lights in their soft boxes. The light from the right is the soft rays of the rising sun.

Shot 2:

I was in another vehicle with an assistant. He had a boom with a speed-light attached to it to light the front of the car, while I shot it a low shutter speed of 1/125s to get the feeling of momentum on the road and in the wheels of the Golf.

All the photos were shot on location at Killarney Motor Racing Track, for a publication. Some more images below.

Author: Francois W. Nel