Humour: KillShot Hunting Rifle Camera

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Randy Gregg from Pennsylvania in the USA has created a Kickstarter project called “Harmless Hunter”, which aims to fund the manufacturing of a new camera called the “KillShot”. The KillShot takes the form of a hunting rifle, but instead of a magazine, you have an SD card, and instead of shooting bullets, the KillShot takes photographs. While the project and product itself is entirely serious (and is backed by the admirable goal of providing hunters with the opportunity to practice their hobby without killing animals), the whole thing is rather funny when you take it out of context.

As some commenters on PetaPixel pointed out:

“This is great news for all photographers harassed by the police! Let’s ditch the DSLR and use a camera rifle instead. What could possibly go wrong?” – NEF2JPG

“Hahaha, imagine shooting downtown with this setup.” – Stanimir Stoyanov

“I live in a high rise and have always had problems taking pictures from above. This is the perfect solution!” – Dennis Marciniak

Attempting to use this camera anywhere but the hunting reserve would get you more than just a few frowns…

This is one of those projects that seems great on paper, but might not work out that well in reality. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Author: Francois W. Nel
  • LOL! Can I have mine in the form of an assault rifle? Sure, I know I won’t able to use a scope to see what I’m shooting, but haven’t anyone heard of “spray and pray”?

  • Andrea

    I love the idea of humane hunting. It can also become the way of war games, now you have proof that you are dead, shee look at the photo. LOL

  • Matthew
  • hahaha – recentluy I got stopped by V&A Waterfront security because I was carrying my DSLR on a tripod – they said they don’t allow such equipment in the waterfront. (Meanwhile tourists are walking around with far more powerful dslr’s than mine – LOL), imagine if I walked in with my sniper rifle camera….they would have a coronary LOL

  • Ooh great gun with camera good combination  means it is like  multiprogramming Operation are perform concurrently i like it.