From 6mm To 5200mm: 3 Bizarre Lenses

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This amazing picture of a photographer carrying Nikon’s monster 1200-1700mm f/5.6-8 telephoto zoom appeared on Reddit and PetaPixel yesterday. At a weight of 16kg and a total length of 880mm, this must have been quite a lens to work with – but when you simply have to have that 1700mm reach, what else can you do? Read on for some more interesting niche lenses.

Much like the 1200-1700mm, the Nikon 6mm f/2.8 fisheye, pictured below, needs to be ordered before it actually gets produced – they don’t keep them in stock. It has a field of view of 220 degrees, which means it can actually ‘see’ behind itself.

Canon fans need not be left out – Here’s the Canon 5200mm f/14 mirror lens:

This massive telephoto was developed to take photos of objects “18 to 32 miles away.” It weighs about 100kg and has a minimum focussing distance of 120 meters. Notice the small silver and black thing on the right? That’s the camera…

If you’d like to learn more about these lenses, start here:
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Nikon 6mm fisheye on MIR
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Author: Francois W. Nel
  • Seagram Pearce

    hahaha, who says you can’t get the eccentrics in the photography world too.

  • Ooh!! Interesting Canon Lens. Wonder if that would fit in my bag? Crazy!! Wonder why they built this lens. Must be for a specific project…???

    • George Silberstern

      I think the proper question is, will your bag fit in the lens? ;-)

      • YEP!!! LOL…While we at it, just add some wheels. Hilarious!!

  • Ivan Cast

    just put that canon on a equally oversized equatorial mount and you got the worlds best astrophotography telescope