Orms Giveaway: Holga 35mm Film Camera

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Update 2: Friday 18 January 2013 1:42PM

And the randomly selected winner is… Philip Malherbe!

Philip stated in his comment that he “would love to try [his] hand at black and white film photography” in 2013. Congratulations Philip, with the Holga 35mm you’ll be able to shoot plenty of black and white film this year!

Once again, big thanks to everyone else that commented – we hope you all manage to achieve your photographic goals in 2013!

Update 1: Friday 18 January 2013 12PM

The competition is now closed! Thanks for all the comments, the winner will be selected and announced soon.

Hi everyone, it’s time for another great Orms Connect giveaway. This month, we’ve got a fantastic Holga 35mm film camera to give to one lucky winner!

Holga 35mm

The Holga 35mm is a slightly miniaturized version of the original medium format Holga.

Like its older sibling, it has an all plastic lens, two shutter settings, and two aperture settings. Its advance and shutter are uncoupled meaning that you can shoot unlimited multiple exposures on the same frame. Its images are dripping with color, contrast, a slight softness, and a whole lotta soul. For that classic Holga look, with the ease of 35mm film development, this guy cant be beat.

See photographs taken by the Holga 135.


  • Plastic 48mm f/8 Lens – Great colours and contrast for that Lomography look.
  • Uncoupled Advance and Shutter – Perfect for multiple-exposures.
  • Variable Shutter Speeds and Aperture
  • Zone Focus – Easy and quick manual focusing
  • Standard Tripod & Shutter Release Threads
  • Standard Hotshoe
  • Normal 35mm processing – Simply drop the film off at Orms when you’re done.

How To Enter
Make sure that you have liked our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, and then leave a comment on this blog post, answering the following question:

“What new style, genre or technique would you like to try or experience in 2013?”


  1. The competition is open to all South African residents, 18 or older.
  2. The winner will be selected randomly, and will need to be a fan of Orms Direct on Facebook or follow @OrmsDirect on Twitter.
  3. Only one comment/entry per person will count. If you leave more than one comment, it will only count as one entry.
  4. No exchanges or returns available – the prize is awarded as is.
  5. The colour of the prize may vary from the photos.
  6. Competition closes Friday 18 January 2013 at 12:00 PM.

Please note: We make use of Random.org to randomly generate a number corresponding to the eventual winner’s comment. We run the number generator once – the first number is the winner. All comments get checked for duplicates. The nature of this random system ensures that everyone has a fair chance of winning, which is very important to us. If you post under an anonymous nickname, we will attempt to maintain your anonymity.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Author: Francois W. Nel
  • Alex van Rensburg

    I’d like to start playing around more with pre-exposed film. I’ve done a little bit of this in the past, but I’ve got some more ideas to make it extra fun.

  • Viresh Daya

    I would really like to explore slow shutter speeds and long exposures with regards to taking pictures of city landscapes at night.

  • 2013 for me will be the year of experiments. Want to do some more film/processing techniques as well as more high speed and street photography. This Holga 35mm would be absolutely perfect for that!

  • Shen

    technique of perfecting a camera shot whilst in motion

  • Liezl

    I am insanely keen to nurture my inner photojournalist by exploring a more documentary style to my photos this year. I’ve even enrolled to a masters degree course. Really hope I get it!

  • Justin Major

    Time lapse

  • Meg

    I’m not a photographer by trade, nor am I a pro at capturing perfect shots. I am learning much about the wonder of photography and capturing special and unexpected moments. What I definitely would like to learn in 2013 is underwater motion pictures. Not just sea creatures but fashion shoots under water would be great.

  • Zaakir Hoosen

    Ahh 2013, years seem to be flying by leaving us with so little time yet photos allow us to cherish those memories, time might bring change but this year I would love to focus on black&white photos, seems to bring out the best in a picture & leaves so much for the viewer …

  • Jason Hayden

    Whoohoo..I would love to try story telling through multiple exposures with this Holga beut!

  • Dylan Haskin

    Keen to try something new! – film :)

  • Mariette van den Heever

    Ghost imaging

  • Luc Gendron

    Multiple exposures.

  • Tauriq Dolley

    I’d love to try my hand at documentary photography after looking at some of Steve McCurry’s work.

  • I would like to eventually try and take a few wet plate photos this year

  • Henri Cloete

    I’d like to practice pan shots for wildlife photography.

  • Nasika baijnath

    I would kove to try multiple shots to capture a movement

  • Etienne van Rensburg

    Always up for multi-exposures

  • Mishkah

    I’ve been dying to use my Polariod 636 Closeup camera for about a years now and since the lovely people at Orms have brought in Polariod 600 film I now can. Thanks Orms :) yipeeee you guys are LEGENDS!!!

  • Great camera. Would be fun to have and play around with.

  • Kyle Mijlof

    I would like to do a documentary series with this camera on the people that live on the streets in Cape Town, focusing on the double exposure setting, capturing husbands and wives or man and his best friend living on the streets in the Cape.

  • Neil Janeke

    Fashion Time Lapse, with a twist.

  • Guest

    Old school is back….whoop whoop

  • Carina Viljoen

    I’d like to experiment with some double exposures!

  • Ronks Productions

    Hi, if i had this camera i would use it to get some water clips of extreme sports like surfing. Ive been wanting to do video for ages and this camera would change my life!!

  • Jessel Sookha

    Long Exposure mixed with portraits – later days

  • Manuel


  • I want to do much more double exposures and long exposure shots.

  • Mic

    would like to practise film photography

  • im taking a gap year this year and im going to israel next month for the year on a programme called shnat hachshara. This camera would be a great little edition to my year as i can just snap away in all the little markets and creveces of israel

  • Daniel Grebe

    Some double and triple exposures using film.

  • Justin Dearham

    I would like to do some time-lapse videos this year

  • Would really like to get back to using film

  • i would love to explore a simpler style of landscape photography, giving it texture, depth and colour with this little toy camera

  • Neil Erasmus

    I would like to do some double exposure landscaping.

  • Annelize Buys

    I would like to explore HDR and play with Holga!

  • Laura Versfeld

    I would like to start taking landscape photos and using HDR.

  • Christina Koch

    a long list of projects for 2013 …. time lapse is the next and then if there is a Holga in my bag, it will be played with!

  • MJ

    Reacquainting myself with deep contrast black and white film portraits.

  • landscape and light paintings in black and white

  • Roland Williams

    This year it’s time for me to pick up several rolls of black and white film from Orms and explore my portrait photography!

  • Frans Stoltz

    I want try and mix nature with ultra modern – a kind of abstract black and white nature photography …

  • Kathryn

    I want to start using a proper zoom camera like I have in the past but seem never to have on me anymore, to take pics of buildings & take good shots, rather than taking hundreds of rubbish pics with my cellphone that are just pictures, instead of great shots!

  • Kayler Kemo

    I want to start experimenting with damaged film – film that’s expired, film that’s been thrown into water, burned with a hairdryer, scratched and ultimately, appreciate the raw, pure beauty of never really knowing what you’re going to get after processing.

  • James Maritz

    gangam style haha, NOT, this year is my year where I learn and develope my astrophotography skills

  • Tatjana

    I’d like to play with double-exposure and it would be ridiculously fantastic to do it with a little Holga

  • Lauren Kruger

    I would like to experiment more by photographing landscapes and incorporating creative angles when doing so.

  • Planning on having a go at Macro with my new lens I got for x-mass

  • Jane

    I’d like to experiment with double exposures and portraits.

  • Kristen

    A dip in the pool of HDR sounds like a good plan to me.

  • Miko

    i’d love to create location sets that are creative lighting intensive.

  • Chani Coetzee

    I’ve been experimenting with film for a while on an old Yakisha, but my multiple exposure portraits always end in a mess. The Holga 135 would be such a magnificent addition to my collection.

  • Double Exposure Portraits

  • Meyer

    HOLGA is the camera! Best for black and white film as well as colour. Especially for double exposure. I’ve seen what it can do when I was in Taiwan. I would like to have it in my camera collection.

  • A Friend

    I have several goals for this year. Photojournalism – getting the right shot at the right moment is high on my agenda for this year.

  • Painting with light, portraiture double exposures and some motion blur. I also feel that 2013 might just be the year to throw in some nude photography.

  • rizeup

    Double exposures at festivals.. mmm

  • I would like to do some time-lapse videos this year

  • MB

    3D filming techniques and rig building

  • Alex Brito

    Street photography. In particular, layering.

  • I definitely want to convert an old Film SLR to pinhole and shoot B+W architecture. Also further explore Environmental Portraiture and capture people as they truly are in their environment – no hidden agendas or styled backdrops or props!. 2013 is going to be an interesting one

  • i would like to try some kind of analogue photography other than normal 35mm and lomo – medium format maybe? or try to get better at double exposures.

  • Just to focus on my photography more in general!

    Follow on Twitter @OneStiletto

  • Marienne Botha

    Playing with depth and perspective à la Hitchcock

  • Ashley

    Personally my WISH would to be just get into film photography and thats why I need this camera, but multiple exposure sounds rad!

  • Elle

    Time-lapse has always interested me. Think I’m going to make the time for that this year!

  • I lost my old Holga and this would kick of a new portrait series.

  • Skye Paton

    This year I want to try a number of new techniques and more darkroom work, lately iv been trying out liquid light. I especially want to try out the EBS (exposing both sides of the film). which looks amazing. I want to go on many photographic journeys and experience film in a different way to last year.

  • I’d love to try lomo and the double exposure technique!

  • Jeff Davies

    I’d love to experiment more with film

  • maree

    this year I want to do a lot more ‘shooting from the hip’

  • Taking two or more pictures on a single negative without using photoshop.

  • RETRO RETRO LOVE! Black and white and my all time fave, expired film! Would love to expand on that.

  • Night/ low light photography…always a challenge!

  • anelle

    a little bit of nude photography.

  • Would love to play around with more film photography :)

  • Playing around with fill in flash, side lighting, combined with natural light is something i am keen to play with, on film, and dig! :)

  • More candids!

  • I would like to try HDR photography with my DSLR.

  • Capturing flying cats in low light conditions…

  • Tim Morty

    Hoping to try some black and white street photography using my 50mm f1.8.

  • candids and landscapes

  • Dawnw

    I am really keen to try getting photo’s with different lighting, fan on facebook and following on twitter

  • Alicia Jessica Thomas

    OOOO would love one of these, I love shooting in film!!

  • New years resolution…Lomography multiple exposures and high contrast city scapes..

  • Corle

    “I want to take
    documentary style pictures of the fisherman in hout bay.”

  • Natural light film photography…old school style, without any ‘shortcuts’ or easy tricks. Focusing on pure technique and knowledge of the camera settings.

  • Pierre Hugo

    I would love to use my underwater housing to take some surfing shots that will give a beautiful lomography feel. Refreshing new styles :)

  • Seeing as winter is just a few months away I’d love to try out some taking moody ocean images around the False Bay area – just need a big black SE to roll in!

  • J Hinde

    I want to try some architectural and scenic Multiple exposers Around Cape Town, and maybe some concert photography.

  • Robert Raw

    I would like to try out more on the film side of photography, in particular the lomography style.

  • For this year I want to take more portraits, using film for that would be awesome.

  • My photo resolutions for this year are to start with taking many more pics! (I slacked off a bit last year). I also want to experiment with multiple and long exposures – get a bit more creative.

  • Lee A

    I would really love to get back into film photography! I want to play around with double exposures and just be inspired by the basics of photography once again.

  • I would really love to get back into film photography! I want to play around with double exposures and just be inspired by the basics of photography once again.

  • Priya Sewnath

    i would like to do some retro photography and i have liked and followed

  • Theuns du Toit

    I would love to do multiple exposures landscape shots.

  • Willem Law

    Just got my Kodak Junior six-20 series 2 up and running! Thanks forthe help with that!

  • J-dog

    I would like to take a 1950s film noir approach to capturing my Labrador, George, gazing longingly at the sexy young poodle next door. I think stark, stylised black and white portraits will capture the hopelessness of the situation perfectly. Poor George knows he’ll never have her.

  • Dylan Owen

    Definitely getting into the black and white photography with film.

  • Larry

    I would like to get into portrait photography this year.

  • Adriana van der Poll

    Would love to have a new Holga, so I can use my old one as a pinhole camera. Also found some undeveloped old films amongst my dad’s stuff…would like to overshoot these.

  • Carmel Silveira

    Get involved to start a day-by-day project!

  • Rickus Olivier

    Anything new and exiting

  • Seagram Pearce

    Street photography. Been years since I’ve put the time into just walking the city & shooting (just because). Lost my soul to the commercial world a bit.

  • Would love to try out light painting this year.

  • darylglass

    I’m gonna slow things down, plan and really consider my shots as if I was shooting on 36 exposure film. Plus I have taken out and dusted my old analogue SLR, so some film work is on the cards too.

  • Matt

    Want to try multiple exposure shots on our farm.

  • Mark Cyrus

    I am really keen to try some Double-Exposure shots as well as long exposure night scenes this year…. Just take for photo’s in general !!!

  • would love to just try out film, have only ever shot with digital, would be amazing to try film, love black and white photography and digital doesnt always do it justice.

  • Chris Vd Merwe

    Action photography (mainly black and white) for me this year…

  • Heinrich Klein

    I would like to do more studio shoots in 2013;-)

  • Another film camera would just fit in perfectly in my collection. Just saying

  • I would love to start a new photographic project where I take photographs of newborn babies and give the pictures to the parents so they can have a photo of their bundle of joy and they can cherish that moment for a long time

  • I would like to try my hand at the Old School Pinhole Photography

  • Jazz Christie

    I want to delve into the far corners of what ‘contemporary’ film has to offer. bringing back the oldschool medium to depict our modern day subject matter. But not just the use of traditional film as we’ve known in the past – I want to discover the contemporary options we have today that have stretched the boundaries of creativity and effect – like the modern polaroids and the Diana with its beautiful lenses etc! genuine dreamy aesthetic. there is so much to explore! :D and what better place to capture our world through this view than in Cape Town. loving it!

  • d’neeks

    I would love to get into the old time classic of black and white film photography – A style that will never die! Documentary style too!

  • Jo Rodrigues

    Thanks for giving away this camera and the opportunity to win it.

  • Halford Dace

    Fantastic promotion. Love the tactility and sense of connection film gives me!

  • Movement… Really want to mess around with movement and different shutter speeds…. Already starting to get shoots lined up… WHOOP!!!

  • Lisa 03

    I’ve been wanting a camera like this since beginning of last year, but I’m saving for a photography course. I’d love to give lomography a try this year. Send that camera my way please!

  • This year, I’m looking to experiment more with macro and wide-angles.

  • stella

    definitely would like to get into different film processing and back into the darkroom! love 35 mm format..

  • Karlien

    Back to my roots that where I wanna be

  • Philip Malherbe

    I would love to try my hand at black and white film photography

  • Lyn

    I’d like to experiment with developing my own film

  • David Schacht

    Im going to convert my bathroom into a darkroom – for old times sake. Get some crazy chemicals and some expired paper and finally expose the portraits I’ve shot on 120 black and white film. Bring it on!

  • Mariska

    I would like to try out black and white film!!!! :)

  • I’ve always been a fan of multiple exposure, but have never had the chance to try it. With the Holga, multiple exposures would be fantastic to play around with.

  • has to be lapses and more slow shutter experiments.

  • Aisha van der Ross

    – High speed photography, using a sound trigger. This is something I have only recently discovered

    -Smoke photography. Mostly learning how to “paint” with smoke.

    -exposing both sides of the film.

  • Carmen Davila

    35mm Holga! Yaaay!

  • Pippa Dickson

    I want to get better at multiple exposures on film. I have been playing around with multiple exposures on a Pentax Super – shooting a roll, reloading and shooting over. This Holga would revolutionise this process for me!

  • Donovan Anthony Eales

    High Speed Photography!!!

  • vicki

    Digital is amazing, and from the first digital camera to todays one… one can not be amazed how far technology has has come and the quality of SLR’s. But at the end of the day, i always say, a photographer is only a great photographer if he can use film and get the same amazing images as he does when using digital. Im so glad film is back, people are interested in it and thats great. If i got this camera…. wow, i would learn so much about being a great photographer… about film…black and what. Mostly what makes a good photographer… and that is to use film and digital.

  • NicholasJamesHurstCamp

    love the idea of keeping film in the photography world. reminds us where we came from and how we got to where we are now

  • Want to put a film in my old Nikon & play around with that again. Also some Black & White photography. Perhaps a new Project, like the Project 365 I finished last year!

  • B&W film shooting Behind the Scenes would be interesting to explore for my 2013

  • NotquiteasproudlySA

    I’d like to experiment with multiple exposure portraits in black and white – South Africans from all walks of life – and create a vast “wallpaper” with a sense of movement, in my office, largely to give me back my ailing love of South Africa and all things African.

  • Ruan

    Expired film landscapes. I’ve been working on double exposures but would love to do some expired film work with the Holga, wich would suit the medium perfectly.

  • *big puppy eyes* Please

  • Joel_Kanar

    This year I would like to be more spontaneous and experiment with street photography, zone focusing, and shooting from the hip – all this with both digital and film.

  • Lub

    I have an unique project where I take long exposure night shots which I would love to try on the Holga 135.

  • Carrott

    I think film is so “real”, it showcases your true photography skill… none of this instafilter stuff. You really have to know what you’re doing. Would love to give it a shot

  • lorraine

    Holga 35mm is mine please please!

  • Lietsie

    To spend more time looking at the world around me through a bubble with a contrasting filter :)

  • Aisha van der Ross


  • Urban and landscapes…

  • I would love to play around with lomography..

  • Mariaan

    I would love to get my hands on the Holga
    and have some fun with film. <3

  • Multiple Exposures and some B/W should be fun…

  • Black and white. I love working with this style.I’d love to try it with such a great camera!

  • An opportunity to mess around with double exposures, and explore film photography after a long hiatus!

  • Going old school….I would love to get into film photography!

  • Chris

    As an avid outdoor festival partier, I believe that a Holga 35mm would be able to capture those crazy spontaneous moments in the mud on the dancefloor perfectly, without having to worry about getting my other “fancier” gear all dirty :)

  • Donna

    Pictorialism & street photography with my Holga 35mm

  • Jacki

    Long exposure sea and waterscapes

  • Yvonne

    I loved film and would like to experiment again with it and the Holga 135 seems like the ideal camera to get creative again wow

  • I would love to focus more on wild life

  • Cindy Jacobs

    I’d like to develop pics in a dark room;-)

  • Time for analog photos,

  • Jean-Paul

    Will be diving deep into the documentary/narrative side of photography – I believe film would complement this style perfectly!

  • Carla Lotter

    Got my first DSLR at the end of last year and would like to start assisting in photographing weddings this year.

  • Anne Schwankhart

    i want to work with back light and shadows this year. Portraits and nature.

  • Love that classic Holga look!

  • I love film and working in black and white, especially when there are interesting shadows and light leaks ^-^