The Role of Colour in Photography, by Ted Forbes

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Today we join Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography, to look at the unique role colour plays in photography when its used effectively. In the early days of photography, images were rendered in monochrome. Today we have the unique advantage of unlimited possibilities with technology to do almost anything we can imagine, but the challenge of color still remains. Colour is most effective when it plays an important roll in the image. Let’s have a look…

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Author: Michelle Joubert-Martin
  • Annie NoMouse

    Role not “roll”..

    • Michelle_JoubertMartin

      Ha! Thanks Annie.

    • Michelle_JoubertMartin

      Ha! Thanks Annie. Have it as role everywhere, but the autocorrect or something slipped in on the title. Well spotted.

      • Annie NoMouse

        Bloody autocorrelation is the bane of our olives..