Restoring Your Old Photographs at Orms and WIN!

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Most of us have a box of old photographs somewhere that we treasure, maybe they are some pictures from your parent’s honeymoon, a photograph of your great-grandmother or historic photographs of places that hold special value to us.  A lifetime of photographs can add up, but sadly often these old images have been damaged through the years, they might be faded, got torn or just seen too much neglect.

The good news is that our team here at Orms can digitally restore your tattered images and give them new life. The process involves scanning the original photograph and restoring the image to your specifications or those advised, then finally printing onto the desired paper type or burning to CD. Our skilled team specialises in removing scratches, dust, cracks, tears and colour casts to restore your photographs to their former glory.

This year, in celebration of Mother’s Day we are giving one lucky person the opportunity to have a special image restored by our Fine Art and Retouch Specialist, Lauren Smit. All you need to do is send us a quick picture of the photograph you would like to have restored to Please note that we will need the original photograph sent or delivered to Orms as we will need to make a high-resolution scan to work on.

Restoring Your Old Photographs at Orms and WIN!
Restoring Your Old Photographs at Orms and WIN!
Restoring Your Old Photographs at Orms and WIN!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Submission deadline May 24th, 2017. Please submit your images directly to
  • The photograph needs to be an original printed image, not bigger than A2 (not a digital photograph) in order to scan it in for a high-resolution output.
  • The restoration includes water damage, tears, and folds; it does not include client specifications on manipulating the photograph in any way.
  • The edited version will be e-mailed to the chosen recipient so that we can decide on final adjustments together.
  • Client/winner gives consent for the image to be shared on Social Media.
  • Final artwork restoration will be completed by June 7th, 2017.
Author: Michelle Joubert-Martin