Wedding Photography: What to do When a Client is Unhappy

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This is the one we all like to avoid, but it’s REALLY important to talk about. Watch as we join Brighton-based wedding photographer, Nadia Meli as she shares a few tips on: “What to do when a client is unhappy”.

We all dread the day we get an email or a call from one of our clients, be it couple who’s wedding you photographed or even a commercial client who isn’t happy with the end result or something that happened on the day. What’s the best procedure to follow and what can you do to turn that situation around and keep them as a client? Thankfully, Nadia shares a few tips, let’s take a look.

If you are not already following Nadia on YouTube we recommend you start, her videos are great and packed with information that will help you improve your photography.  You can also stay in touch with Nadia via her Facebook page, Twitter account or on her website.

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Author: Michelle Joubert-Martin