DJI Spark Review: Filmed Entirely on the DJI Spark

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British director and cinematographer Philip Bloom is known for his DSLR filmmaking, blog, and workshops and has worked with everyone from Lucasfilm, CNN, Sky to the BBC. He is also rather well known for his camera tests, you might remember we shared “The Rambling Video Autofocus Mega-Test” by Philip here on the blog last year. In his latest video however, Philip set out to test the DJI Spark and decided to film his experience, entirely on a DJI Spark. Handy it you are interested to see exactly what the video capability on this tiny drone is really like.

Needless to say, Philip is a seasoned drone operator, so it’s great to get his perspective on how this little guy (given it’s size) really compares to the much bigger DJI Mavic and even DJI Phantom range. Of course the Spark wasn’t designed to compete with the bigger versions, it’s made for an entirely different market. But if you are thinking about getting one of your own, it’s nice to hear where it’s different and as we mentioned, get a real idea of what the footage looks like.

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Author: Michelle Joubert-Martin