Andreas and his team are shooting editorial fashion in the busy streets of Stockholm, watch as they use the Profoto D2 to set up and shoot quickly and without delay.


“A week in a photographer’s life”, watch as Profoto arms Stockholm-based photographer, Andreas Lundberg with the new Profoto D2. It’s Wednesday and Andreas is shooting editorial fashion in the old town, Stockholm. Faced with various challenges including; the movement of the sun and busy locations, Andreas and his team use the Profoto D2 to set up and shoot quickly and without delay. No matter what the day brings, it must always end the same way – with a great shot.

A photographer faces many different challenges every day. It’s with that in mind that Profoto created the Profoto D2. It’s a breakthrough because it’s the world’s fastest monolight with TTL. Now, for the first time, no matter what the assignment, speed is always on your side. Capable of freezing action with absolute sharpness, shoot in super quick bursts, sync with the fastest camera shutter speeds available, and shoot fast and easy with HSS and TTL. So whether you’re shooting sports, food or fashion, with the D2 you’re always up to speed.

Find the Profoto D2 on Orms here.

[Via Profoto]

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