Interested in starting up your YouTube channel but no idea where to start? Don’t worry, you are not alone and thankfully we’ve got another awesome YouTuber to share a few key tips and tricks to starting up a vlog. Let’s take a look…

Meet Ashley Nichole, an American Fashion and Lifestyle vlogger with (at the time of this post) just over 1 million YouTube subscribers. Not only has Ashley managed to drum up quite a following on YouTube, she also has a significant Instagram and Twitter following. All of this combined shows just how popular Ashley has become on each individual platform and in her genre.

In this video, however, we join Ashley for a little “Vlogging 101” as she calls it (and this goes for anyone interested in vlogging, regardless of the topic/theme). As we all know, it’s one thing to want to become a vlogger and it’s a completely different story to actually nail it. And for those who are just starting out, where do you even begin? Like literally, where? Let’s take a look at Ashley’s tips…

Keep up with more from Ashley via her YouTube channel, be sure to click the subscribe button while you’re there. You can also follow Ashley on  Twitter or Instagram. Go!


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