We visited Food and Wedding Photographer, Tasha Seccombe at her beautiful Elgin home to talk about her passion for food photography, falling in love with weddings and the fine line between balancing business, with family life.


In celebration of Mother’s Day 2016, the team here at OrmsTV decided to visit three very talented ladies in photography. Not only are these women exceptional photographers and inspirational business women, they are also mothers who somehow manage to master it all. We sat down to talk photography, passion, business, balance and family.

Today we start our little series with wedding and food photographer, Tasha Seccombe. If you are at all familiar with wedding photography in South Africa, Tasha certainly needs no introduction. Her beautiful, elegant style truly speaks for itself. In addition to that, you’ve probably seen her mouth-watering food photography on the Pretty Blog. We visited her in their beautiful Elgin home to talk about her passion for food photography, how she fell in love with shooting weddings and the fine line of balancing business with family life.

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If you’d like to see more from Tasha you can visit her website here, or follow her on any of her social channels: Facebook or Twitter.

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