Do It Yourself with Orms Print Room & Framing: Print a graphic or photo directly onto cork to create a personalised pinboard!

Print a graphic or photo directly onto cork to create a personalised pinboard!

What you need:

  • An old frame. You do not need glass for the frame.
  • Spraypaint, but only if you would like to spray your frame.
  • Sheet of 3 to 4 mm cork cut to the size of your frames’ image area. Available at Artsauce or Deckle Edge.
  • 3 mm Supawood, if your frame does not have an existing backing board.
  • Cold glue.
  • Small paint roller or paint brush.
  • An image or design to print onto the cork.


What to do:

  • Hand in your image and sheet of cork at Orms Print Room & Framing for printing.
  • Please note: You have the choice to print with or without white ink. When printing without white ink, the cork finish will be visible in the white areas of the image you have chosen.
  • Roll a thin layer of glue onto the Supawood or backing board and attach your printed cork image. Leave overnight to dry.
  • Place the cork in the frame and tack in place with small nails or staple gun.
  • Finish off the edges with framing tape and place hanging mechanism on the back.

diy-printed-cork-pinboard-5 diy-printed-cork-pinboard-6 diy-printed-cork-pinboard-2

Tips and tricks:

  • Let us scan your old photos or illustrations to print onto the cork. Old maps and black and white images work well too.

diy-printed-cork-pinboard-3 diy-printed-cork-pinboard-4

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