Great photos and time-lapse footage from the recent Durban Sky Grand Prix airshow, captured by Kierran Allen.

While shooting stills at the recent Durban Sky Grand Prix airshow, Kierran Allen also set up a camera to document the day with time-lapse photography.

It’s certainly a different take on documenting an airshow, and it’s interesting to see the wisps of smoke trails as the planes cross the skies over the beachfront.

The entire time-lapse was filmed with a Nikon D610 and a 14-24mm f/2.8 lens.

From Kierran’s description: “Durban recently hosted the first ever Sky Grand Prix on the beachfront. The Event was a huge success with thousands of Durbanites coming through to experience the adrenaline pumping action. This is a quick time-lapse of the event, nothing to amazing as I was shooting stills on the day which was my main focus.”

Here’s a selection of Kierran’s stills from the day – view more on his blog.

Kierran Allen 02 Kierran Allen 03 Kierran Allen 04 Kierran Allen 05 Kierran Allen 06

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