Watch as wedding photographer, Nadia Meli shares a few tips with regards to getting business advice. Where do you go, who do you ask and how do you know it’s any good?


Today we join destination wedding photographer, Nadia Meli as she shares a few tips with regards to getting business advice. We all get stuck at some point where we need a little advice, this can be anything from how to promote your photography business on social media, all the way to handling a specific situation with a client, and anything in between. The question is, where do you go for sound advice? It’s not as easy to answer as you might think, sure anyone you ask will give you their 5c, but how do you know it’s actually good business advice? Do they really know your industry or even own their own business? Let’s take a look at what Nadia suggests…

If you are not already following Nadia on YouTube we recommend you start, her videos are great and packed with information that will help you improve your photography.  You can also stay in touch with Nadia via her Facebook page, Twitter account or on her website.

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