Short Documentary by David Beazley that goes behind-the-scenes to take a look at the work of a forensic photographer.

This short documentary by David Beazley takes a fascinating look at Forensic Photography. The purpose of Forensic Photography is of course, to collect and process evidence of a crime scene using photography.

But it’s not as simple as simply snapping away, Nick Marsh has been a Forensic Photographer for over 20 years specialises in “proactive photography”. In other words, they use photography to enhance certain elements at the crime scene or in the lab, for example blood spatter on a wall. Nick explains: “It’s about being very aware of what’s going on at the scene, and asking is there more to that then meets the eye?”. Nick continues to explain that’s about the light, and understanding light in order to use it to see what you need to see within that specific scene.

Shared via Vimeo.

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