The Cape Town School of Photography has various course options available, enrol now for part-time photography courses starting on April 21st.

The Cape Town School of Photography offers both full-time and part-time photographic courses. We have ten years of experience teaching part-time courses and in 2011 expanded our program to also include a full-time course. Courses range from beginner to more advanced and enrolments are now open for Term 2 Part-Time courses starting on April 21st.

CTSP: Cape Town School of Photography | DSLR Photography Courses

Above Right: Leyla Heylen   |   Centre: Megan Davies   |   Left: Tess Vardy

Beginner Photography Course:

With the rush of the beginning of the year over, it’s time to dust off that DSLR camera and explore its creative possibilities.  The Cape Town School of Photography’s DSLR 1 Course is the perfect place to start. You will learn how to utilise all your camera settings to get the best out of your investment. In response to student feedback the course now runs for 7 weeks (8 sessions), making it more manageable without removing any of the key content. We’ve also increased the very popular walkabout practical shoots from one to two.

CTSP: Cape Town School of Photography | DSLR Photography Courses

Above Right: Carla Jordaan   |   Centre: Paige Wood   |   Left: Tarryn Opperman

Advanced and Part-Time Courses:

If you already shoot on manual and the lingo of Aperture, Shutter Speed and DOF trips easily off your tongue, CTSP have many other options for you to further develop your skills. Some of the courses on offer include:

Flash Photography

This sometimes maligned, often feared tools can be one of your best photographic friends, whether you shoot indoors or outdoors, day or night.  Learn how to use a flash to make you confident and proficient in any lighting situation, anytime.

CTSP: Cape Town School of Photography | DSLR Photography Courses

Above Right: Carla Eagles   |   Centre: Kerry Chambers   |   Left: Leyla Heylen

Lightroom Course

Lightroom is the best all-in-one digital package on the market. With no image editing platform quite like it, it’s an essential tool for professional or hobbyist photographers alike. The image editing capabilities of Lightroom 5 have elevated it to a single piece of software to cover all your photographic needs. Our course is designed to gain an understanding of the best workflow process and how to adapt this to your specific editing and library management requirements. We teach you how to use Lightroom and it’s features to its full capability while giving you hands-on experience of working in the application.

Studio Lighting and Product Photography

The studio, a magical place of bouncing light, reflectors and light tables, can seem daunting from the outside.  CTSP’s workshops will demystify this space, and introduce you to the wonderful world of controlled light, as well as teach you how to use the studio in conjunction with natural light to create those magazine layouts you so aspire to.

For further course information feel free to visit the CTSP website.  Any questions can be directed to


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