Chris Farina is one of the world’s top boxing photographers. In this short documentary Chris talks about the thrills, sweat and adrenaline that goes along with shooting ringside.

A really interesting look at the work of Chris Farina, one of the world’s top boxing photographers and official photographer for Top Rank. In this short documentary Chris talks about how he got to shoot ringside, how he prepares for fight night, his process when taking a picture and how he overcame missing one of the greatest fights in history.

What’s really interesting about how Chris works is the pace. They aren’t only shooting at high speed, they really need to be able to anticipate the fighters next move – “What we shoot is not what we see. We shoot before we see it,” he says. “If you see it through the camera, you missed it.”  Chris also has to edit and send out images in real time, so basically between rounds, take a look.

Via PetaPixel and Undisputed Champion Network (UCN).

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