Transitions in Bloom: A great series of travel photographs by Duran Levinson, documenting his recent trip through China.

Transitions in Bloom is a series of photos taken by Capetonian filmmaker and photographer Duran Levinson during a recent trip to China.

Duran elaborates: “I have recently returned from China, where I was travelling & shooting. I spent a month in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Yangshuo & Beijing, in which I focused on shooting only on film and trying to capture some of the feelings I felt and experiences I had while travelling through this amazing country. As a filmmaker based in Cape Town it’s great to get to travel and have the work released locally among people who might not get to see the project otherwise.”

“Shot entirely on film over the course of a month in China, the project moves from Shanghai’s bizarre marriage market, into the streets & chaos of Hong Kong, through the gem of China, Yangshuo – the most beautiful part of the world I’ve ever seen – and into the grittiness of Beijing’s night culture.”

Duran used a Canon EOS 30 SLR with Canon EF lenses: 16-35mm, 20mm, 50mm, and 70-200mm; together with Fujifilm 400 ISO film and Ilford Delta 400 and 3200 ISO film, which was processed and scanned at Orms.

View more of his work on Vimeo and Behance.

Duran Levinson 02 Duran Levinson 03 Duran Levinson 04 Duran Levinson 05 Duran Levinson 06 Duran Levinson 07 Duran Levinson 08 Duran Levinson 09 Duran Levinson 10 Duran Levinson 11 Duran Levinson 12 Duran Levinson 13 Duran Levinson 14 Duran Levinson 15 Duran Levinson 16 Duran Levinson 17 Duran Levinson 18 Duran Levinson 19 Duran Levinson 20 Duran Levinson 21 Duran Levinson 22 Duran Levinson 23 Duran Levinson 24

Photographs shared with permission.

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