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Canon XF705 4K Camcorder

Canon XF705 4K Camcorder


Canon introduces the latest professional Canon XF705 4K Camcorder, being the companys flagship model in the XF series. Packed with a variety of advanced features and functions you can now record beautiful 4K UHD video footage at 50P 4:2:2 10-bit XF-HEVC. Powering the Canon XF705 is a large 8.29MP 1.0-type sensor to achieve improved noise performance, sensitivity with more cinematic depth of field and a Dual DIGIC DV6 processor to ensure astonishing image quality with superb levels of detail.

Boastful features of this high-resolution camcorder includes an advanced 12G-SDI and IP streaming; precise and reliable smooth autofocus; a 4-inch touchscreen control that allows better control and to perform focus point selection over 80% vertical or horizontal of the imaging area; Face Detection and tracking; 9-blade iris; Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus and Guide, a wide-angle L-series lens with 15x zoom incorporated in the Canon XF705, with brilliant optics to create astonishing 4K UHD; dual SD card slots; built-in ND filters and infrared recording.

  • 1" CMOS Sensor, 13.4MP
  • UHD 4K up to 60 fps, 1080p to 120 fps
  • H.265/HEVC Codec, 4:2:2 10-bit Colour
  • 15x Optical Zoom, 30x Digital
  • Dual-Pixel CMOS Autofocus Feature
  • HDR Recording, Canon Log 3, Wide DR
  • 12G-SDI & Mini HDMI Outputs
  • Optical and Digital Stabilization
  • Dual XLR Inputs, 4-Channel LPCM Audio
  • 2 x SDXC Memory Card Slots
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Brand Canon

Large 8.29MP 1.0-Type Sensor

The Canon XF705 4K Camcorder features a large 8.29MP 1.0-Type sensor that contributes to achieving enhanced noise performance, sensitivity and added cinematic depth of field, and combined with the powerful Dual DIGIC DV6 processors superb image quality and superior levels of detail will be achieved.

L-Series Lens, producing High-Quality

Producing only the greatest of image quality with supplied L-Series Lens, featuring the red ring on it which has long time shown Canons professional level of lenses for build, robustness and outstanding image quality, including the use of Super UD and aspherical lens elements that contributes effectively to the reduction of suppress aberrations.

Wide Angle 15x Optical Zoom

A powerful lens with a wide focal length of 25.5mm and a 15x optical zoom, also offering a 30x Advanced Zoom when shooting in FHD, performs exceptionally well in low-light conditions, and capturing maximum detail from your subjects.

5-Axis In Body Image Stabilisation

The XF705 from Canon utilises both optical and dynamic option to perform well in conjunction, to provide an effective 5-axis image stabilisation. What does means, is that the user will have all the confidence when filming on the move or when shooting handheld to achieve smooth motion.

Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus

Canon has packed a powerful Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus feature in the Canon XF705, which is sensor based, phase detection autofocus technology leading to smooth, high-performance focus tracking and achieving rapid autofocus. With the unique Canon-developed technology that utilises two photo diodes per pixel for autofocus and then combines them for recording high-quality video. Additionally, this also enables precise focus to be maintained, even when shooting moving subjects, which is vital for 4K UHD capture.

4-inch Touchscreen Control and Object Tracking

The Canon XF705 Camcorder incorporates a built-in 4-inch touchscreen that allows you to achieve 80% vertical or horizontal of the imaging area with focus point selection. In addition, moving subjects will be tracked in the frame when selected.

Impressive 4K/50 4:2:2 10-bit Support with HEVC

The brand-new Canon XF705 4K Camcorder makes use of the new recording format that uses H.265/HEVC in an MXF container. Achieve a newer encoding technology that is about two times as efficient as mainstream H.264/AVC. The Canon XF705 camcorder is capable of recording astonishing 4K UHD 50P 4:2:2 10-bit files directly to the SD card when using XF-HEVC format.

Numerous Recording Formats

Besides recording in just the XF-HEVC format, the Canon XF705 Camcorder is also capable of recording in UHD XF-AVC and Full HD/50 XF-AVC (and MP4), to compliment the workflow.

With planned firmware update.

Record Internal using Hybrid Log-Gamma or Perceptual Quantization

You can record HDR files instantly and direct to SD cards, by either using Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) or Perceptual Quantization (PQ).

Simultaneous HDR Production with SDR Output

The Canon XF705 4K Camcorder is skilled enough of outputting an SDR signal at the same time while recording an HDR file internally to an SD card, ensuring simultaneous HDR/SDR production. During the simultaneous HDR/SDR recording, you can adjust the gain on the SDR signal compared to the HDR exposure level to provide correct exposure levels for both signals on output.

Canon Log 3/BT.2020 Supported

Besides recording in the standard HDR with HLG/PQ, the Canon XF705 also allows you to record in Canon Log 3, which is perfect for post-production as you can then extract the colours exactly the way you want them perfect for creative workflows.

Simple Setup to Achieve 4K UHD/50P HDR Output

With both 12G-SDI and HDMI interfaces featuring on the Canon XF705, you can output 4K UHD/50P HDR image data by only making use of one cable, making the setup so much simpler.

IP Streaming in 4K UHD and FTP transfer

The Canon XF705 features a built-in Ethernet port and HEVC/H2.265 support, enabling 4K UHD/50P HDR images with HDR data, that includes Message/Mastering Display Colour Volume. Additionally, send recorded files directly over the Internet with FTP transfer.

Other Features Include:

  • Face Detection and Tracking
  • Dual Pixel Focus Guide
  • Autofocus Tuning
  • 3 Independant Rings, widely spaced for accurate control over focus, zoom - with a 90 Degree mechanical stop from wide to telephoto, and iris.
  • 9-Blade Iris
  • Analogue XLR interfaces and 4ch Audio
  • Dual SD Card Slot
  • Built-in ND Filters, including ND 1/4, ND 1/16, ND 1/64.
  • Infrared Recording
In the box
  • Canon XF705 HD Camcorder
  • Lens Hood with Barrier
  • Lens Cap
  • Microphone Holder with Screw
  • AC Cable
  • Canon BP-A30 Battery Pack For EOS C300 Mark II, C200, and C200B
  • CG-A20 Battery Charger
  • WL-D6000 Wireless Controller with Battery
  • Eyecup
  • Shoulder Pad
  • SS-1200 Shoulder Strap
  • Canon CA-CP200L Compact AC Power Adapter

Image Sensor


1.0-Inch type CMOS

Total Pixels

13.4 MP

Effective pixels per sensor

8.29 MP

Minimum illumination(PAL/50.00Hz Mode)

Approx. 1.3 lux (with 1/25 sec. shutter speed)


Zoom ratio

15 x Optical (UHD Mode) 30 x Advanced Zoom Mode (FHD Only)

Focal Length

8.3 to 124.5 mm. 
35mm equivalent: 
Approx. 25.5 - 382.5 mm 
Dynamic IS Mode: Approx. 28.3 - 424.6 mm

Minimum focus distance

10 mm at wide end, 60 cm across entire zooming range

ND filter

3 densities: turret switched, motor-driven. ND 1/4, ND 1/16, and ND 1/64.

Zoom control

Via Zoom Rocker Switch, Lens Control Ring or Remote Control

Zoom Speed

Selectable. Variable or constant speed. Fast, Normal or Slow speed.

Focus control

Dual Pixel CMOS AF, Face Only, Face Priority, One-Shot AF, AF boosted MF, Focus Assist feature, Manual via Lens Ring,

Iris control

Manual via Iris Control Ring, Auto, Push Auto Iris


9-blade Iris, Max f/2.8 - 4.5

Filter diameter


Lens elements/groups

14 groups of 18 elements (double aspherical lenses and single Hi-UD lenses)

Image stabilization system

Optical system + Electronic Stabilisation 
Powered IS/Dynamic/Standard Mode/IS Off

Digital zoom/Teleconverter

Yes. 300 X Digital Zoom, 1.5/3.0/6.0 X Digital Teleconverter.

Image Processor



Dynamic Range

800% in Canon Log3 / Wide DR Gamma

Custom Picture Settings

Normal 1 : BT.709 (Normal 1 (STANDARD) / BT.709 / Video) 
Normal 1 : BT.2020 (Normal 1 (STANDARD) / BT.2020 / Video) 
WideDR : BT.709 (Wide DR / BT.709 / Video) 
WideDR : BT.2020 (Wide DR / BT.2020 / Video) 
PQ : BT.2020 (PQ / BT.2020 / Video) 
HLG : BT.2020 (HLG / BT.2020 / Video) 
Canon Log 3 : BT.709 (Canon Log 3 / BT.709 / Neutral) 
Canon Log 3 : BT.2020 (Canon Log 3 / BT.2020 / Neutral) 
Colour Space: BT.2020/BT.709

Custom Picture setting adjustments

Black: Master Pedestal 0 ± 50/Master Black Red 0 ± 50/Master Black Blue 0 ± 50 
Black Gamma: Level 0 ± 50/Range -20 - 0 - +50/Point -20 - 0 - +50 
Low Key Satur: Activate On / Off/Level 0 ± 50 
Knee: Activate On / Off/Automatic On / Off/Slope -35 - 0 - +50/Point +50- 95 - +109/Saturation 0 - ±10 
Sharpness: Level -10 - 0 - +50/Detail Frequency 0 - ±8/Coring Level -30 - 0 - +50/HV Detail Bal. 0 - ±8/Limit 0 - ±50 
Noise Reduction: Level Off / Auto / 1 - 12 
Skin Detail: Effect Level Off / Low / Middle / High/Hue 0 - ±16/Chroma 0 - 16 - +31/Area 0 - 16 - +31/Y Level 0 - 16 - +31 
White Balance: R Gain 0 - +50/B Gain 0 - +50 
Colour Matrix Tuning: Gain 0 - ±50/Phase 0 - ±18 
(R-G) / (R-B) / (G-R) / (G-B) / (B-R) /(B-G) 0 - ±50 
Colour Correction 
Select Area Area A / Area B / Area A&B / Off 
Area (A/B) Setting Phase (0 - 31)/Area (A/B) Setting Chroma (0 - 16 - 31)/Area (A/B) Setting Area (0 - 16 - 31)/Area (A/B) Setting 
Y level (0 - 16 - 31) 
Area (A/B) Revision Level (0 - ±50) 
Area (A/B) Revision Phase (0 - ±18) 
Other Functions 
Over 100 % Through / Clip / Press

High Dynamic Range Recording

HLG / PQ supported

Recording Media

SD/SDHC/SDXC card (2 card slots) 
Class U3 recommended for 160/110 Mbps recording

Recording time (64GB Card, approx.)

Recording time (XF-HEVC , approx.) 

64GB card 
45 Mbps : 185 min. 
60 Mbps : 140 min. 
110 Mbps : 75 min. 
160 Mbps : 50 min. 

128GB card 
45 Mbps : 375 min. 
60 Mbps : 280 min. 
110 Mbps : 150 min. 
160 Mbps : 105 min. 

256GB card 
45 Mbps : 755 min. 
60 Mbps : 565 min. 
110 Mbps : 305 min. 
160 Mbps : 210 min.

Recording file system


Recording file format


Internal Recording

Resolution 3840 x 2160 / 1920 x 1080 
Colour sampling YCC 4:2:2 10-bit 
Bit rate: 3840 x 2160: 160 Mbps /110 Mbps (Long GOP) 
             1920 x 1080: 60 Mbps /45 Mbps(Long GOP) 
Resolution 1920 x 1080 
Colour sampling YCC 4:2:0 8-bit 
Bit rate 45 Mbps (Long GOP)

External Recording Output

(Varies according to Recording Option selected) 

XF-HEVC: Camera mode 
3840 x 2160: 59.94P/50.00P/29.97P/25.00P 
1920 x1080: 59.94P/50.00P/29.97P/25.00P 
PsF:1920 x1080: 59.94i/50.00i 
1920 x1080 (12G-SDI) 29.97PsF/25.00PsF 
1920 x1080 (HDMI) 59.94i/50.00i 
1920x1080  (23.98P) 
PsF --- 1920x1080 (59.94i)

Simultaneous Recording Options

1. SD Card + SD Card: Relay or Simultaneous recording 
2. SD Card + External device: 4K (Internal) 2K (External)/HDR (Internal), SDR (External)

Recording frame rate (PAL model)


Slow/Fast motion (PAL/50.00Hz Mode)

1920 x 1080:  50.00P: x0.5/25.00P: x0.25. Max bit rate 180 Mbps

Interval Record


Frame Record


Pre Record (cache record)

Yes. 3 Seconds

Scan Reverse


Still Image quality

1920 x1080 JPEG DCF Exif. Ver 2.3

Photo storage media

SD Card. (Photo Function assigned to Assignable Button)



Linear PCM: 24-bit / 48 kHz / 4 channels (4.5 Mbps). EBU/AES3 Standard; 48kHz/24-bit/2-ch


Manual or Auto

Reference Tone

1KHz, -12dB / -18dB / -20dB / Off

Microphone level meter




LCD Capacitive touch panel


4-inch (10.1 cm)


Approx. 1.23 million dots



Touch Screen Focus Point Selection

Yes. AF point selection, Face AF subject selection. Manual Focus: Focus Assist Reference Point Selection

Focus Assist

Yes. Focus Guide Function in MF


Yes. Selectable Peaking Colour: Red / Blue / Yellow


Yes. 70%, 100%


Yes. Horizontal (grey) / Horizontal (white) / Grid (grey) / Grid (white)



Wide Screen Organic EL display




approx. 1.77 million dots



Viewing Angle


Correction lens

+2.0 - -5 dioptre


Audio in

XLR 3-pin jacks (x2), balanced on Handle Unit. 3.5mm Stereo jack (unbalanced) on camera body

Headphone output

Yes. 3.5mm

Video monitor output





Yes. Min-B and Hi-Speed USB supported

SDI output

Yes. BNC Connector. 
[HD]: SMPTE ST 292 
[3G]: SMPTE ST 424, 425 
[6G]: SMPTE ST 2081 
[12G]: SMPTE ST 2082 
Audio: SMPTE ST 299 
Output Impedance: 75 Ω 
Output Signal Level: 0.8 Vp-p

Time code

Yes. BNC. (IN/OUT)


Yes. BNC. Function selected via menu


Yes. Ethernet connector (RJ45) (supports 1000 BASE-T)

AV terminal


DC input

Yes. 3.4mm Jack

Remote Control Terminal

REMOTE A : 2.5 mm stereo mini-mini jack (input only) 
REMOTE B : Round 8-pin jack (for RS-422)

IP Streaming Capability


IP Streaming Output

MPEG2-TS, HEVC/H.265; 3840 x 2160, 16 Mbps/9Mbps/59.94P/29.97P/50.00P/25.00P 
HEVC/H.265; 1920 x 1080, 9Mbps/4Mbps: 59.94P/29.97P/50.00P/25.00P 
MPEG2-TS, AVC/H.264; 1920 x 1080, 9Mbps/4Mbps: 59.94i/50.00i


Exposure metering

Standard (centre-weighted metering), Spotlight and Backlight . The Standard setting is used in the FULL AUTO mode.

Exposure Compensation

Centre ±8 levels (±2.0, ±1.75, ±1.5, ±1.25, ±1.0, ±0.75, ±0.5, ±0.25, ±0) 
AE Response function via the menu.

Wave Form Monitor


Auto Exposure mode

Full Auto Mode

Auto Gain Control setting


Auto Gain Control limit

-6 dB - OFF / 33 dB (1 dB increments)

Gain setting

Gain L/M/H

System Frequency

59.94kHz (NTSC)/50.00kHz (PAL). User selectable.

White Balance


Auto, Manual


Daylight:5600 K (Initial value: 5600 K / ±0 CC) Adjustable range: 4300 K - 8000 K / -5 CC - +5 CC 
Tungsten: 3200 K (Initial value: 3200 K / ±0 CC) Adjustable range: 2700 K - 3700 K / -5 CC - +5 CC 
Colour Temperature Setting: Adjustable range: 2000 K - 15000 K / -20 CC - +20 CC Initial value: 5600 K / ±0 CC 
Set A / Set B

Shutter Speed

Control Modes

Auto, manual, Clear Scan, Slow, Angle ,Off

Shutter speed (PAL)

1/2 - 1/2000 sec (depending on shooting option selected).

Shutter Angle

Yes; 11.25° - 360.00° (depending on shooting option selected).

Slow Shutter (SLS)

50.00P: Auto slow shutter On: 1/25 to 1/500 sec. Auto slow shutter Off 
1/50 to 1/500 sec 
25.00P: Auto slow shutter On 1/12.5* to 1/500 sec.(*Display is 1/12.) 
Auto slow shutter Off: 1/25 to 1/500 sec.

Clear Scan



Infrared shooting mode


Built-in IR lamp

Yes, in Handle Unit


Tally lamp


Colour Bars


Accessory shoe

Cold Shoe

Custom Button Assignment

Yes. 14 assignable buttons (Camera Mode), 82 assignable functions via menu.

Wireless LAN standards

IEEE802.11b/g/n/a (2.4 GHz/5 GHz)

Supported Wi-Fi Functions

Browser Remote. (Camera Mode) FTP file transfer (Media Mode)


Open Encoding, Open WEP, Shared key/WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK, or WPA2-PSK AES.

Supported Browser for Remote Operation

Internet Explorer 8 or later, Safari (iOS 9 or 10), Safari (MacOS), Android standard browser Android 4.4 - 6.0

Remote Operation Control Features

Aperture, ND control, Focus, focus adjustment, White balance, Shutter speed, Gain, Exposure compensation, Shooting mode, Zoom, Slot selection. The free memory remaining on the media, time code, remaining battery charge, etc. can be checked. Live View.

Live view image Resolution

Camera setting mode: 680 x 383 
Simplified setting mode: 284 x 160

GPS Information (Optional Accessory)

Location (latitude, longitude and altitude) as well as the GPS 
information while using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) can be added to MP4 movies and photos. Also, based on this information, the satellite data acquisition status can be checked in camera mode.

Time code

Countup system

Rec Run / Free Run

Start value setting

00:00:00:00 - 23:59:59:29 (PAL 23:59:59:24)

Drop Frame


User BIT Type

Setting (00 00 00 00 - FF FF FF FF) / Time / Date


Lens cap, Lens hood with barrier, Mic holder unit (with screws), Shoulder strap (SS-1200), Wireless Controller, (WL-D6000), 
Lithium battery (CR2025), Compact Power Adapter (CA-CP200L), AC cable, Battery Pack BP-A30, Battery Charger (CG-A20)

Optional Accessories (Includes items not currently on sale)

Canon Battery Pack BP-A30/BP-A60 
Canon Battery Charger CG-A10/CG-A20 
Canon Compact Power Adapter CA-CP200L 
Canon Wireless Controller WL-D6000 
RC-V100 Remote Control Unit 
Canon Tele Converter TL-U58 
Canon Wide Attachment WA-U58 
Canon Shoulder Strap SS-1200 
Canon PROTECT filter 58 mm 
Canon ND4-L filter 58 mm 
Canon ND8-L filter 58 mm 
Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2 
Canon Remote Controller RC-V100 
Tripod Adapter TA-100 
Canon Interface Cable IFC-300PCU/S / IFC-400PCU

Power Supply/Battery

Power Consumption

Approx. 20.8 W (3840x2160 XF-HEVC 160Mbps recording)

Battery Pack

14.4 V DC, BP-A30 (Supplied), BP-A60 (Optional)

Continuous Recording Time

Approx. 125 min with BP-A30(3840x2160 XF-HEVC 160Mbps recording) 
Approx. 255 min with BP-A60(3840x2160 XF-HEVC 160Mbps recording)

Mains Power

24V DC (Compact Power Adapter CA-CP200L, supplied)


Approx. 191 x 258 x 433 mm / 7.5 x 10.2 x 17.0 in. (including lens hood, eyecup and mic holder unit)

Weight (camera only)

Approx. 2660g

Operating Temperature range

Approx. 0 to 40 °C, 85% (relative humidity), Approx. -5 to 45 °C, 60% (relative humidity)


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