JOB TITLE: Photolab Scanner & Printer

DEPARTMENT : Laboratory
BASED AT : Printing & Framing General Manager
RESPONSIBLE FOR : Printing, scanning & editing of negatives and digital images in order to ensure client satisfaction and return; to achieve or exceed targets.
MINIMUM EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION REQUIRED TO PERFORM JOB: Previous photographic printing experience; good colour theory. Photoshop Essential.
INHERENT/SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS TO DO THE JOB:A team player. Outstanding communicator with good customer service skills. Previous photographic printing experience. Good eyesight. Not colour-blind.


Responsible mostly for the scanning and editing of digital images and negatives. Assisting with Printing, packaging and sorting of School Orders. Assist in the laboratory with day-to-day jobs; fill in, assist & help in other areas of lab if a team member is absent or requiring help with work.

  • Scanning of negatives & slides.
  • De-dusting negatives & slides.
  • Digitally edit images to the highest quality.
  • Help with packing & checking of negative & School Orders.
  • Assist with flatbed/bulk scanning and retouching as required.
  • Assist with quarterly stocktakes as scheduled.
  • Printing as required.
  • Meet time constraints.
  • Maintain a harmonious working relationship with your colleagues, peers & management.

  • Professional handling of prints and negatives eg wear gloves.
  • Have a professional approach to clients at all times; in store, on the phone and on e-mail.
  • Help clients to the best of your knowledge or seek assistance and subsequent training in order to be able to perform optimally at all times.
  • Excellent product knowledge.
  • Keep your technical knowledge up-to-date at all times.
  • Represent ORMS in a positive and professional manner at all times.
  • Excellent command of the technicalities involved in photographic printing, scanning and editing of digital images, negatives & photographic prints.
  • Good Photoshop skills.

  • Flexibility.
  • Willingness to learn and grow.
  • Patient and good communicator.
  • Reliable person with good time management.
  • Honesty.

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      JOB TITLE: Print Room Manager

      DEPARTMENT : Print Room & Framing
      REPORTING TO : Printing & Framing General Manager
      RESPONSIBLE FOR : Management of all Printroom staff & production processes.
      MINIMUM EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION REQUIRED TO PERFORM JOB: 5+ years proven experience in the leadership of staff, including IR practices and the management of business processes.
      INHERENT/SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS TO DO THE JOB:Ability to resolve conflicts & solve problems diplomatically.


      To successfully manage all production processes and inspire the Print room staff to maintain our standards of excellent quality and to meet our customer demands and time constraints. At the same maintain a motivated, inspired & positivity within the staff team of the Print Room. Liasing with the factory manager to ensure that work gets out timeously.

      • To establish a fun atmosphere and a space where customers want to hang out and create.
      • To meet and ensure that staff meet production time constraints as advertised.
      • To meet with and attend to customer needs and full satisfaction of their needs.
      • To maintain a profitable bottom line and ensure growth on last year’s sales.
      • To handle & follow up on urgent production work in PR.
      • To closely liase with the framing factory manager to ensure that all work due from the factory is completed in time.
      • To keep the staff motivated, positive & inspired in PR.
      • To address staff issues within the scope of the BCEA & LRA.
      • Administrative duties as required by the needs of the Company and/or the Director (s).
      • Customer satisfaction.
      • Lead by example.
      • Communicate within PR & other companies within the group regarding customer work.
      • Maintain excellent standards of quality.
      • Any other reasonable tasks/duties as delegated by the Director(s).

      • Ability to resolve conflict & solve problems.
      • Outstanding interpersonal and communications skills.
      • Strong leadership abilities.
      • Maintain a positive, motivated and inspired team.
      • Computer literate on MS and/or Apple Software.
      • Flexibility.
      • Diplomacy.
      • People person.

      • A peoples-person who takes great pride in their work and that of those who report to you. Who remains flexible while maintaining excellent standards.
      • Has good writing and speaking skills.
      • Level-headed and even-tempered nature.
      • Diplomatic in handling conflict and solving problems

        • Please forward your CV, in confidence, to Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.