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Works just like a new one. But costs way less. Thanks to high manufacturing standards, you’ll find that the DJI refurbished range is up for any challenge you’ll throw at it.
Everything in the refurbished range performs exactly the same as a brand-new model - you won’t be able to tell the difference. All refurbished gear comes with a full DJI Manufacturer Warranty and new batteries, just like a new drone or gimbal.

What is a Refurbished DJI product?

Refurbished drones and gimbals are products that were returned to DJI, which can happen for a myriad of reasons, and is then returned to a good-as-new condition by DJI’s specialists.
During this process all products are thoroughly inspected and assessed according to the same standards as brand new DJI products. In the event that a defective component is identified during this testing process, it is replaced with a new component and retested.
After passing full functionality testing, the product undergoes a full cleaning and final inspection and then receives new packaging and accessories. Only then is the DJI product ready to be sold as a refurbished drone or gimbal.
It is worth noting that DJI does stipulate that refurbished products might have minor signs of use, such as small scratches on the surface.

What about warranty and after-sales service?

DJI’s after-sales policy on refurbished products is exactly the same as that of brand new DJI products. A refurbished DJI product also has the exact same warranty as the same new product would have.
The one and only exception is that a refurbished product will only be exchanged for another refurbished product, should said exchange be necessary.

Can one identify a refurbished DJI product?

When purchasing from an official DJI-certified dealer all refurbished DJI products will have a serial number with a “S” or R” suffix, so that you know exactly what you are buying.

What is included with a DJI refurbished product?

Refurbished products include the exact contents as is found in the same new product, including new exterior packaging, manuals and batteries.



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