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Hello; I am Nicola Beykirch, a Freelance Photographer representing BeanOn Photography. Property and architectural photography are my speciality.



Images scream louder than words, and exceptional quality images generate revenue!


Such images entice a potential buyer, and sell the home in a buyer’s mind even before he or she has set foot on to the property.


Not all agents are professional photographers. I am one, and produce the highest quality photographs for both estate agents and for private sellers.


I use the Nikkor Tilt/Shift (Perspective Control) 24mm lens for my architectural photography to ensure that all edges are square, and that the curving of vertical lines and the “keystoning” effect of tall buildings are both eliminated. As this is all accomplished by tilting or shifting the lens, and not by moving the camera, all perspective corrections are done in real time. This minimises post production editing, as it avoids the need to manually correct the distortion of buildings and rooms that occurs with standard lens, and which in any case never produces a satisfactory result.


By getting up close and personal, I seek out the characteristics and indulgences of a home and also produce imagery that a larger picture tends to hide. An ornate feature of a fireplace, a decorative light fitting, a vista from an inside window overlooking a well manicure garden, as examples.


Please view my online property portfolio, covering real estate across the United Kingdom, South Africa and Israel here.

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