Orms Direct is one of South Africa's biggest suppliers in Canon photographic, optical, and printing products. We stock the best priced Canon DSLR's, point and shoots, and bridge cameras; as well as lenses, on- and off-camera flashes, binoculars, printers, and other accessories. With a simple online order we will be able to ship your Canon products to anywhere in South Africa.

As Orms Direct is an approved Canon dealer you will get a 1 year warranty when you buy any Canon product other than consumables or batteries*. We are also an official approved Canon service centre with a fully functioning Dedicated Canon Service Workshop and are able to service, repair and Calibrate Canon DSLR Cameras, Canon Speedlights and Canon Lenses here on our premises. This includes warranty repairs as well as out of warranty items.
* Batteries have a 6 month warranty

Canon DSLR Cameras

Canon Lenses

  • Zoom Lenses

    Canon Zoom Lenses
    Canon's zoom lenses offer a range of different focal lengths in one lens, giving you creative flexibility and ensuring you don't miss a shot due to being too close or too far. These lenses are great for those travelling light or who need to work quickly. Browse our Canon zoom lens range.

  • Prime / Fixed Lenses

    Canon Prime / Fixed Lenses
    Canon's prime, or fixed-focal length lenses delivers only the highest image quality and fast apertures. These lenses are great for low light shooting and provides great depth-of-field control. Browse our Canon prime / fixed lens range.

  • Macro Lenses

    Canon Macro Lenses
    Canon's macro lenses enables you to capture extreme close-ups of tiny objects or details with great quality. These lenses allow high magnifications and reveal intricate details – perfect for shooting flowers and insects on location. Browse our Canon macro lens range.

Canon Compact Cameras

Canon Professional Video

  • Professional Video Cameras

    Canon Point and Shoot Cameras
    Canon’s range of professional Cinema EOS video cameras offer unparalleled creative options. Featuring different mounts for compatibility with the widest possible range of lenses, and large Canon Super 35mm CMOS sensors for amazing image quality, these cameras provide the freedom to leave no story untold. Browse our Canon professional video camera range.

  • Professional Video Lenses

    Canon Professional Video Lenses
    Designed specifically for Canon's Cinema EOS range of professional video cameras, Canon cine lenses deliver superlative image quality for those working in the professional cinematography industry. Browse our Canon advanced compact camera range.

  • Professional Camcorders

    Canon Professional Camcorders
    Setting new benchmarks in image quality and versatility, these camcorders provide the ultimate in picture quality, thanks to precision engineering and knowledge built up through more than 50 years at the leading edge of professional imaging. With Canon's unrivalled reputation in HD television broadcast, Canon’s know-how helps meet the demands of professional users everywhere. Browse our Canon professional camcorder range.

Canon Camera Accessories

Canon Printers and Scanners