Browse our wide range of lighting products. From complete studio lighting kits to reflectors and speedrings; we stock the widest range of studio lighting products in South Africa.

Shopping for the Right Lighting Equipment

Orms vision has always been to provide South Africa professional and amateur photographers alike with the best and latest lighting gear at reasonable prices, and to stock the largest range of products.

With an extensive range of top branded lighting gear and accessories, Orms offers complete studio lighting kits, on-camera flashguns to reflectors and speedrings.

Tents & Lightboxes

Looking for a way to improve your product photography? Our selection of tents and light boxes provide the perfect solution for capturing stunning, high-quality images. With easy setup and adjustable lighting, you can showcase your products in the best possible light. Browse our collection and elevate your photography today.

Studio Equipment

Create a professional studio setup with our selection of high-quality equipment. From lighting and backdrops to tripods and stands, we offer everything you need to elevate your photography to the next level. Browse our collection and transform your space into a fully equipped studio today.

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Photo Studio Lighting

Illuminate your photography with our selection of photo studio lighting. Our high-quality lighting options provide optimal brightness and color accuracy, helping you to capture stunning images every time. Browse our collection and find the perfect lighting setup to take your photography to the next level.

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Continuous Lighting

Looking for reliable and easy-to-use lighting for your photography or videography? Our selection of continuous lighting offers constant and consistent illumination, making them the perfect choice for capturing stunning images and videos. Browse our collection and find the perfect lighting setup for your needs.

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Lighting Accessories

Complete your lighting setup with our selection of lighting accessories. From diffusers and reflectors to filters and gels, our accessories offer endless possibilities for customizing and enhancing your lighting. Browse our collection and take your photography to the next level with our lighting accessories.

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Flash Guns

Capture stunning photos with our selection of on-camera flash guns. Our high-quality flash guns offer powerful and versatile lighting options, making them the perfect tool for photographers of all skill levels. Browse our collection and find the perfect on-camera flash gun for your needs.

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