Credit card payments:
ORMS Direct accepts payments from Mastercard and Visa credit cards only. We, unfortunately, do not accept American Express (Amex) or Diners.

When paying online through the Thwarte Secured Payment Gateway (PayGate), you may select straight or use your budget facility.

At the time paying for the order, the transaction details are presented to the bank and an authorization is obtained for the amount of the order. As a protection against fraud, Orms reserves the right to request ID documents, credit card billing statements and photocopies of any credit card used to make purchases on Orms. Orms reserves the right to refuse to ship orders to customers refusing to make such information available or whose information is suspicious in any way.

ORMS Direct also uses a 3D Secure system for credit card transactions to keep you the consumer protected against online fraud and information theft.

3D Secure Information:
What is 3D-Secure? Simply, 3D-Secure is a unique service offered by MasterCard and Visa International that uses a One Time Pin (OTP) to protect a cardholder against unauthorised use of their card. Once activated, your card number cannot be used for online purchases at participating merchants without your One Time PIN (OTP). The OTP is sent to your cellphone during payment as the final step to complete the transaction.

Please click here to read some Frequently Asked Questions regarding 3D-Secure from the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA).

How do I activate my card for 3D-Secure?

FNB's 3D-Secure system is called Verified By Visa. This is activated in a few easy steps on your online banking profile:
Log on to your FNB Online Banking profile and click on the "Cards" tab. Click on "Activate Now" in the "Verified by Visa" column and then capture the relevant details. Further info is available here.

Standard Bank
Standard Bank's 3D-Secure system is called MasterCard SecureCode. As a Standard Bank client, your MasterCard will have automatically been activated for this service. Further info is available here.

ABSA uses both MasterCard SecureCode and Verified By Visa for their 3D-Secure system. As an ABSA client, your MasterCard or Visa card will have automatically been activated for this service. To view more information from ABSA bank, please click here.

Other Banks
For other banks, please contact your banks help-line or view your banks website for information on 3D-Secure.

Please note: Certain private label and corporate credit cards cannot be enabled for 3D Secure. Please consult with your card provider on this to confirm.

Did you know:
The Payment Association of South Africa (PASA), has taken the decision to make it compulsory for all South African e-commerce merchants to be enrolled in the 3D Secure programme by 28 February 2014.

Bank deposit payments:
If a buyer selects to pay via electronic transfer the following conditions apply:

1. The exact amount must be paid.

2. The payment must be identified by supplying the order number in the beneficiary reference section of the deposit slip or on the electronic transfer.

3. The EFT payment needs to be verified by our in-house accounts department and goods will only be dispatched on their verification. Only once the funds have reflected in our bank account, will the goods be allowed to leave the store.

Our bank account details:

Bank: ABSA
Account Name: ORMS CC
Account Number: 4043030747
Branch Code: 632005
Branch: Claremont
Type: Cheque
IBAN Code: 4043030747

Credit card refunds - we are able to reverse transactions on our payment gateway system. The refund will only reflect on the credit card used and no other method is allowed.

Bank Transfer (EFT) refunds - once an email with the order number, full banking details and request for refund is received, it may take up to 5 working days for the refund to be processed by our accounts department. Please send request for refund emails to If a refund forms part of a return, then the terms applicable to returns apply as well.

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Legal Stuff
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I Need Help
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