David Olatunji, a Nigerian-born Cape Town-based artist who is painting the town red with his photography and depiction of the city through the lens. He has experience in event photography, portrait photography and now endeavoring into travel photography. His recent work ‘Dunoon’ was exhibited in a city gallery. This work was an image of Dunoon township which showed the realities and socio-economic challenges experienced by black people in the City of Cape Town, a town that is usually portrayed as an affluent tourist destination that caters for the upper class and elite tourists. David’s story is one told through his photography, his ability to capture the authenticity of oneself in portrait photography and the true simplicity but also the beauty in the complexity of nature is what renders him apart. He has always had a knack and passion for the creative world and has now found his love for photography, he hopes to continue to tell the journey of man in this beautiful but yet intricate world through his lens.