Kristen Bence is a South African photographer based in Cape Town who grew up in Kommetjie, a small beach town, located in the southern suburbs of the western province. Since he was young he would always countdown the hours of the week waiting in anticipation for Friday to come to fruition. Not only did Friday signify the start of a weekend it also brought with it a handful of new films to discover. This fascination with film birthed a passion for storytelling and salt and vinegar which to this day still play a significant role in his life. Graduating in 2020 amidst a global pandemic he was hesitant to start studying film in 2021 and began to search for a way he could live out his passion without committing to an industry which was at this point in time on hold. With this in mind, Kristen enrolled at ORMS and started his career as a visual storyteller.

View the photographs produced during this programme below: