Nabz Sonday is a Makeup Artist & Fashion & Beauty photographer based in Cape  Town, South Africa  

Her love for fashion & beauty started at a very young age. She would watch her  gran & aunts paint there nails & stand to watch her mom apply makeup which  always had to match her impeccably matched outfits.  

She studied Web Design but the corporate world drained her.  

Nabz decided to follow her passion & studied makeup. She has almost 2 decades  experience in the fashion industry, always taking behind the scenes photos.  

She always knew that she wanted to become a fashion photographer. After many years of contemplation together with the encouragement & support of her family &  her photographer friends, she finally took the plunge.  

Nabz enrolled at Orms Cape Town School of Photography — a decision she will never regret.  

She has a zest for life and an eye for detail & this is evident in all her work. 

View the photographs produced during this programme below: