Rhoda Kawinga

Rhoda Kawinga

I have a versatile career background from film and television script writing, directing and producing in South Africa, Zambia and Germany to lecturing and consulting in South Africa. With an award-winning film, a diploma in Film and Television production and a Master’s in Art (Novel writing), I have discovered multiple avenues in my career.

I enjoy evolution and growth, hence my drive to keep my career progressing in creative writing, lecturing and consulting.

I believe that the narratives we create in our communities allow other people to connect with us. Be it visually, orally or literary, we need the courage to tell our stories with dignity and the authenticity they deserve.

As a practical skills educator and practitioner, I believe that the students can develop to understand the media forms and platforms in the world they live into such an extent to use the social platforms safely and produce relevant content.

As the world moves deeper into the digital age, traditional education has to evolve to provide students with the relevant tools to navigate the world they will find when they finish their education.

The skills have to equip them to survive the new world and thrive. Media development holds the key to allowing young people to explore and acquire skills in multiple forms.

Rhoda lecturers Content Creation on six-month video content production course.