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Career Opportunities


Job Title: Digital Content Coordinator
Department: Marketing
Based At: Orms Creatives, Gardens, Cape Town
Reporting To: Marketing Manager, Managing Director

Copywriting, Community Management, Content Creation for the Orms Connect Blog, Competitions and Proposals. ...

Are you the next member of the Orms Creative Team?
We are on the hunt for a powerful, organized Digital content creator (written) who has experience in copywriting, blog content creation, and blog content strategy.
Your role will be to create all written content for the Orms Group, crafting compelling copy that maintains a cohesive voice across all brand channels.
Key focus area's: Orms Blog | Brand Newsletters | Social Media
If you’ve got a keen interest in and passion for photography, blogging, and the ability to push our creative and strategic vision forward, then we want to meet you!


  • Creating written content for all of the Orms brands, including long-form written web content (i.e. blog posts), copy for newsletters, print media, and short-form copy for social content such as Instagram Guides, or for inclusion in video content.
  • Strategise, plan and write relevant press releases for all of the Orms brands.
  • Strategise, plan, write and publish all content for the Orms Connect Blog, including researching and writing original content, and interviewing creators and turning the interviews into blog posts.
  • Proofreading written content produced by the Social Content Coordinator, such as short-form copy for Instagram Guides, or briefs included in collaboration proposals to be sent to content creators.
  • Assisting the Marketing Manager and Social Media Manager with writing briefs and outlines for competitions and campaigns.
  • Staying on top of the current trends in photography and audiovisual media, as well as blog content trends, to better inform written content strategy.
  • Scripting voiceover for audiovisual content when necessary.
  • Help to deliver a consistent brand experience and craft a cohesive brand voice across all platforms.
  • Monthly and annual reporting on analytics and performance of the Orms Connect Blog as well as media placements.
  • Community Management across the Orms brand Social pages.
  • Formulating campaign proposals for our various suppliers.

  • A passion for cameras, photography, videography and art, the technical and creative language to back this up, and experience working in the field of content creation.
  • A clear understanding of campaign objectives and can devise strategies to achieve them.
  • Strong creative writing skills.
  • Strong communication skills - both written and verbal.
  • At least 2-3 years’ experience in a copywriting and/or a written content creation role.
  • Experience working with WordPress.
  • An in-depth understanding of best practices for written content on various social platforms and content channels and a strong grasp of SEO .
  • The ability to interpret data from Google Analytics, report on the data, and draw useful insights from the reports that will inform how future written content is produced.
  • The ability to think creatively and outside of the box.
  • A hard-working, determined and can-do attitude.
  • The ability to juggle multiple projects at once and meet tight deadlines.
  • Demonstrated efficiency and the ability to prioritise.
  • Flawless attention to detail .
  • Background in PR is advantageous .
  • Background in retail is advantageous.

  • Working hours are 08:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday.
  • This full-time position is available from mid-March 2022.

Please send your CV in confidence to
Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted..


Job Title: Head of Video Content Production
Department: ORMS Cape Town School of Photography
Based At: Orms Cape Town School of Photography, Gardens, Cape Town

The Head of Video Content Creation is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day running ...

and development of video courses offered by CTSP. The Head will ensure that course content is industry-relevant and up to date, student learning goals are met, and course expectations are communicated to students. The position is part-time for three full days per week.


  • 1) Oversee academic and operational aspects of video content creation courses and report to the Head of School.
  • 2) Arrange for consultants to keep course material up to date.
  • 3) Provide oversight of a team of external lecturers.
  • 4) Lecture at least one subject on the six-month and the full-time programmes. This will amount to six lecturing hours per week.
  • 5) Ensure student learning goals are clearly defined and updated according to industry trends and course requirements are communicated to students.
  • 6) Work with administrative records to track student progress and maintain all video course offerings.
  • 7) Manage instructional design and other instructional practices in order to ensure high-quality video content creation courses.
  • 8) Ensure that all students in video content creation courses have an opportunity to meet their desired learning outcomes successfully.


The Head of Video Content Creation begins their day by checking their email and reviewing any urgent matters. If they have a class, they lecture to either the six-month video students or the full-time students. After that, they work on curriculum development and department planning. In the afternoon, they meet with students to discuss their progress and offer feedback. Finally, they end their day by preparing for the next day.

  • Attends the weekly staff meeting on Thursday mornings.
  • Once a month, the Head of Video Content Creation has a meeting with the Head of School to discuss any changes or updates that need to be made to the video content creation courses. They also pitch ideas for short courses on video for the HOS.
  • Once a term, the Head of Video Content Creation meets with external lecturers to review course materials and ensure that everything is up-to-date.

Please send your CV in confidence to
If you do not hear from us within 4 weeks, please consider your application as unsuccessful.


Job Title: Housekeeping & General Framing
Department: Framing Factory
Based At: Orms Framing Factory, Cape Town

All housekeeping duties for the Orms Framing Factory – making sure to prioritise completing this in the morning to focus on production duties later in the day.....

  • Wrapping frames once they are completed.
  • Wrapping canvasses once they are completed.
  • Writing out and labelling of artwork once completed.

  • N/A

  • Experience in Housekeeping.
  • Experience handling fragile and expensive artworks.
  • Experience working in a factory enviroment.

  • Responsible for maintaining a clean and tidy working envirnment for all framing staff.
  • Bringing any housekeeping related problems to management’s attention as soon as they arise, to avoid further complications.
  • Responsible for making sure that Tea, Coffee and Sugar is fully stocked at all times.
  • Responsible for making sure that all cleaning products are fully stocked and informing management when they are running low.
  • Making sure that the bathrooms are always fully stocked with toilet paper.

  • Groceries – helping management to order groceries for the month, by doing a stock take of what we already have.
  • Housekeeping – Washing dishes after Tea and Lunch times.
  • Housekeeping - making sure that bathrooms are cleaned on a daily basis.
  • Housekeeping – cleaning air vents with a feather duster on a monthly basis.
  • Hosuekeeping – cleaning the extractor fan in the spray room every Monday morning at 7.45 am and making sure this is done as quickly as possible to avoid productin down time.
  • Housekeeping – cleaning windows in the factory twice a month.
  • Housekeeping – Diasec room is to be swept, mopped and dusted on a weekly basis, every Wednesday. All artwork to be moved and cleaned behind so that there is no dust anywhere. This includes cleaning under and behind tables.
  • Housekeeping – sweeping the entire factory every day – excpet for the cutting room.
  • Housekeeping – mopping the fitting room on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Housekeeping – cleaning and dusting underneath tables where dust may collect. Making sure to move things around so that you do not miss areas.
  • Production – planning your day’s work, according to what is on the production schedule, so that you are aware of what is instore for that day and you can then allocate your time accordingly. Make sure that you look not only at your work for the day but the rest of production so that you know how you may help out if necessary in other departments.
  • Production - Helping out in other departments when your department is not busy or at managements discretion.
  • Production - Cross train in other departments so that you can cover and help your colleagues.
  • Production – problem solving issues that may come up and addressing them immediately so that they do not result in time wasted.
  • Production – be able to work at a continuously fast pace to make sure that we are always outputting to the best of our ability.
  • Tools - Looking after tools issued by the company. If they are lost or broken, it is your responsibility to bring this to managements attention.
  • Machinery - Looking after machinery and making sure it is operated correctly.
  • Machinery - Bringing any faulty machines to management’s attention immediately.
  • Personal matters - Arriving on time for work.
  • Personal matters - Communicating with management regarding absenteeism and late coming.
  • Personal matters - Communicate with your colleagues in order to work most efficiently and together as a team to get the job done.

KEY PERFORMANCE COMPETENCIES:(Job Skills required to perform Competently in job).
  • Able to meet deadlines and perform under pressure, this is a high-pressure environment and one would need to be able to work quickly and accurately in order to meet deadlines.
  • Team player – treat colleagues with respect.
  • Being able to use initiative to complete jobs.
  • Being able to maintain a clean working environment is imperative to this position. A tidy work environment means less mistakes and redos.
  • Professional work ethic – conduct yourself in a professional, respectful manner – Lead by example.
  • Able to ask for help from management or colleagues when needed.
  • Able to give regular feedback to management on how things can be imporved and where the problem areas lie.

  • Team player.
  • Stay calm under pressure.
  • Problem solver.
  • Level headed and even tempered nature under stressful working conditions.
  • Willing to learn and grow within the position.
  • Tidy and organised.
  • Positive.
  • Good time management.
  • Self-motivated.

Please send your CV in confidence to
Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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