The Orms Cape Town School of Photography is excited to offer two Bootcamp Bursaries in 2024 to two outstanding students. As a key player in the South African photographic industry, we see it as our responsibility to support and nurture emerging talent within the industry. To support this mission, we’re proud to announce the Bootcamp Bursary Programme, which includes one Video Bootcamp and one Photo Bootcamp bursary. This initiative is aimed at nurturing emerging talent, enriching our creative community, and fostering its growth into the future.

Orms Cape Town School of Photography is committed to providing students with educational experiences that develop their technical abilities and nurture their creative vision, preparing them for a successful career in the creative industry. At Orms CTSP, students are guided by a team of professional instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge in photography, videography, and beyond. Their dedication is centered on fostering the success of each student, ensuring a learning experience that's both enriching and supportive.

Photo Bootcamp

Our four-month intensive course is designed to cultivate skilled and imaginative photographers. Students will learn to set clear goals, contextualise their work meaningfully, and lay a solid foundation for their professional journey. The student-focused curriculum emphasises active participation, both individually and within groups. It includes diverse activities like assignments, group critiques, discussions, practical tasks, tutorials, and personal mentoring. We encourage students to be bold and innovative in their projects, thorough in their research and exploration, and maintain professionalism throughout. By the course's end, students will gain a deep understanding of photography's practical aspects, develop strong visual literacy, and acquire creative problem-solving skills applicable in various photographic fields. 

This photography school transformed my approach, deepening my skills from studio techniques to post-production. The inspiring instructors and the vibrant community not only honed my technical abilities but also expanded my creative vision, laying a solid foundation for my photographic career.


Video Bootcamp

This course is designed for individuals eager to enhance their skills in visual storytelling and content creation for modern media platforms. Spanning four months, this intensive program equips graduates with the necessary skills and the latest photographic equipment to craft captivating content tailored for online multimedia platforms. The course emphasises content creation, ensuring a constant focus on producing exceptional creative work. Students will receive guidance from seasoned lecturers and industry professionals who offer insightful feedback throughout the coursework. The course encourages students to embrace experimentation, risk-taking, diligence, and creative exploration. Upon completion, students will be thoroughly prepared for careers in video creation and design. 

We were very happy with the course and felt that it was good value for money. The lecturers were all professional in their communications with the students as well as being caring and kind We were also very impressed with the caring atmosphere at the school especially from Heather.


Bursary Inclusions & Exclusions


  • Tuition
  • Access to Photo and Video Equipment
  • Discounts on Equipment from Top Brands
  • 30% Equipment Rental Discount
  • 15% Discount on all Printing and Framing
  • Access to Key Supplier Events during the Course Period


  • Accommodation
  • Transport to and from the School
  • Meals
  • Additional Supplies such as Film, Darkroom Supplies, etc.